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Event Recap | Virtual Education: Sales Tales and Business Bedside Manner™

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In this online event, Mandi spent around an hour breaking down sales tidbits to help even the busiest event professionals completely elevate their Business Bedside Manner™. Before you ask, yes, Mandi has trademarked Business Bedside Manner because she is just that passionate about the topic. And quite frankly, it shows. Not only is she an excellent speaker, but she engaged the audience with the very same methods she taught. And for those of you who still aren't quite sure what Business Bedside Manner actually is, it refers to a thoughtful approach or attitude toward a business partner. Similar to the way a doctor (should) interact with a patient, Mandi's methods hinge on empathy and awareness — only now, with the people you interact with on the job.

Throughout her talk, she shared the authentic and true stories that led her to create this concept of better manners and her corresponding book, Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons from a Life in Sales. My favorite takeaways from it all? Easy:

  1. When interacting with a business partner — think colleagues, vendors, venue contacts, etc. — ask thoughtful and profound questions. Example: What keeps you up at night? What made you laugh recently? What are you binge-watching? Go deeper than your average surface-level talk.
  2. While engaging with someone, ask yourself: Am I consciously connecting with this partner or rushing through the task? Fun fact: Deeper connections translate into 39% more retention!  
  3. Lastly, never make assumptions. Assumptions only lead to false positives. Instead, make it your mission to understand what your business partner truly needs. 


There’s more!

After Mandi finished her presentation, Amy Zelinski, MPISCC's president-elect and founder of BoucheBox, hopped on to walk us through a fun experiential session. She discussed her new venture as we mixed up a fun drink, and all got to taste different honey varieties (sent over via BoucheBox). Overall, it was a really fun way to end this educational session. 

Another fantastic virtual event by MPISCC. And remember, everyone: Twirl, don't pivot!

Chrissy Thompson is the founder and senior event producer at Dynamo Events. We produce events that build brands and drive business. Book a complimentary 20-minute consultation today.


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