MHI Industry Night with Craig Ferguson

Prior to Craig Ferguson taking the stage, a few awards were given out at Industry Night. 

Young Professional Award (YPN)
Rosales Brown, Rasco Industries Inc. 

Outstanding Young Professionals Award
"While only one person gets the award, everyone has been recognized for their outstanding work," said MHI CEO George Prest. The winner was:
Ben Moyer, Hytol Conveyor Company

Trip of a Lifetime
Elizabeth Buza, Raymond Corp.

Trip of a Lifetime #2?
Also,it was shared that this is the last MHI show for Tom Carbott, MHI Senior Vice President - Exhibition. "He is the ultimate professional and has done an absolutely incredible job," said Prest. As a token of appeciation for his 27 years with MHI, Tom was also awarded a Trip of a Lifetime.

As for the Craig Ferguson show...
Suffice it to say, Craig had the audience rolling in his "coveted 6 o'clock in the evening spot" with corporate America. A Scottish-American actor and comedian, Craig is best known as the host of the CBS late-night talk show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. But, after spending an hour with the ProMat crowd, he might be remembered as the RightHand Robotics jokester who doesn't cuss. "No cussin’, I wasn’t cussin!...I’ll say fudge, but you’ll know what I mean." And you might want to watch your tweets about "hola, amiga," too. If you were there, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!