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Top Story—The word sustainability makes most people think about the environment and green initiatives. Business people may quickly think about costs and regulations. Supply chain sustainability articles often focus on sourcing, energy savings, packaging and reducing physical waste. All these things ARE part of supply chain sustainability, but a broader definition is needed that includes sustainable business practices that make business continuity a priority.
AGVs In Action At The TRUMPF Smart Factory
MCFA - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
The futuristic production processes at the TRUMPF Smart Factory are almost entirely automated, but their material handling process was stuck in the past - until they partnered with Jungheinrich. The EKS 215a automated stacker replaced their manual forklifts, allowing their employees to focus on production, resulting in increased productivity and output.
Let Jungheinrich develop and define the right automation solution for your specific workflow and unique business challenges.
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As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Highlights from the 2019 MHI Annual Conference

From October 13-16, 2019, MHI members met at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, CA, for the MHI Annual Conference. Take a look back at some of the highlights from the event.


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Technology and Innovation

Material Handling & Logistics—Each year, IDC Manufacturing Insights provides manufacturers and retailers with the top 10 predictions and underlying drivers that are expected to impact IT investments in the supply chain in 2020 and beyond. For the second consecutive year, digital transformation was the key overriding theme in these annual 10 predictions.

Supply Chain Management Review—The largest companies in the U.S. collected cash from customers faster in 2018 and held less inventory, resulting in the best overall working capital performance since 2012, according to the annual Hackett 1000 cost and cash optimization survey from The Hackett Group, Inc.

How would you solve this: Clipboards in the Warehouse
Small and medium sized companies are expanding and growing but still managing inventory and orders on spreadsheets and clipboards. With new growth, are systems still viable? What advice would you give these companies?
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Supply Chain Trends

Supply Chain Dive—Key performance indicators (KPIs) can make or break supply chain operations and it seems as though there are more to choose from every day. Some KPIs work better for specific supply chains or industries, while some may be applicable across the board.


Modern Materials Handling—The location, height, contents and velocity of distribution are in flux, driven by data analysis and exacting customer demands. This is directly affecting the design of modern warehouses.

Industry Week—Though much has been written about the challenges manufacturers face because of the U.S. government’s shifting approach to trade, today’s uncertain environment also offers good opportunities for business. Now is a great time to take advantage of the current market’s opportunities and to plan to outcompete in 2020.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations

Modern Materials Handling—According to a study by Persistence Market Research, the global industrial racking system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~7% throughout the forecast period. The industrial racking system market is assessed to twofold its value in the period of 2019-2029, riding high on the surging sales of e-commerce products and warehouse expansion.


Inbound Logistics—Some simple changes in process, powered by technology, can turn good manufacturers into great ones. Here are three steps manufacturers can take to improve collaboration with their suppliers, and ultimately increase efficiencies to eliminate the fire-fighting mentality.


Global Trade Mag—It’s crucial to know when your company needs to do something on its own, and when to hire a third-party to do the job for you. For example, if you need goods transported across vast distances, hiring an expert logistics company is an option.

Your Place for Info on Your Space
Tennant Company
Controlling labor costs. Exploring new technologies. Improving efficiencies. In the middle of a busy day, where do you find the time to research questions that make a difference to your work? Tennant would like to help! Take our two-minute quiz for focused information on cleaning equipment and facility solutions
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SupplyChain247—Shippers that decide solely to solicit bids to their benefit will face the uncertainty of backlash from carriers, ultimately, bidding allows carriers to understand where they stand in the market and establish lasting carrier-shipper relationships.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive—While Target’s competitors are reportedly losing money as more people shop online, Target says it has found a way to slash costs and make money. According to CNBC, Target’s digital sales were up 31%, with same-day services accounting for 80% of that growth. 

Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
MHI’s new Career Forum enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Supply Chain Dive—Anheuser-Busch completed its first zero-emissions beer delivery last week using both hydrogen-electric and electric vehicles in St. Louis. The company​ wants to cut carbon emissions 25% across its "value chain" by 2025 and has already placed an order for 800 hydrogen-electric powered semi-trucks from Nikola.

SupplyChainBrain—Eco-friendly practices affect multiple areas, of which product development is just one. The various stages of production offer supply chain managers plenty of flexibility in incorporating green methods. Sourcing, packaging and transportation all have tangible effects on the environment, but they don't have to be adverse. Green supply chain management can resolve many issues surrounding commercial manufacturing techniques.