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Attracting and recruiting the talent needed to run the digital supply chain has become one of the top priorities of many chief executives and chief supply chain officers (CSCOs). With the most heavily recruited of that talent being Millennials (and the subsequent Gen Z following close behind), supply chain organizations find themselves competing for the best and brightest—particularly among data scientists and analysts—against big-name tech companies. The question is, how can companies with less cachet—and hiring in a field not widely perceived as being as “tech-y” or “cool” as it actually is—win the recruiting war for these highly desirable staffers?
AGVs In Action At The TRUMPF Smart Factory
MCFA - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
The futuristic production processes at the TRUMPF Smart Factory are almost entirely automated, but their material handling process was stuck in the past - until they partnered with Jungheinrich. The EKS 215a automated stacker replaced their manual forklifts, allowing their employees to focus on production, resulting in increased productivity and output.
Let Jungheinrich develop and define the right automation solution for your specific workflow and unique business challenges.
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As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on 4D Printing.

3D printing has now become a feasible option for manufacturing replacement parts in-house and customizing mass-manufactured goods. But what is the next step? For the past several years, a new application has been researched and has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry again.—At the 2019 MHI Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA, MHI Industry Groups appointed new chairs and vice chairs. The new Chairs and Vice Chairs were elected by members of each Industry Group by way of vote during their groups’ Annual Membership Meetings. The new Chair and Vice Chair terms will kick off with Chair Training in January 2020, followed by a Strategic Planning Meeting, led by MHI’s Industry Group staff.


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MHI Blog—MHI Industry Groups are your resource for finding a product specific answer or solution to your supply chain needs. This past October, MHI Industry Groups released a variety of resources, including white papers and videos, on topics ranging from supply chain operations and big data analytics to workplace safety.

Vidir Inc.
Technology and Innovation

Inbound Logistics—What are the top supply chain differentiators and innovation drivers? According to the findings of BluJay Solutions' Focus on Customer Experience: Research on Supply Chain Priorities and Investments report, customer experience reigns supreme followed by real-time visibility and a strong ecosystem.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive—Nearly 7.5 million retail jobs are at risk of being replaced by automation, but will it actually leave them without work?

How would you solve this: Clipboards in the Warehouse
Small and medium sized companies are expanding and growing but still managing inventory and orders on spreadsheets and clipboards. With new growth, are systems still viable? What advice would you give these companies?
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Supply Chain Trends

ThomasNet—Due to the vast nature of its operations and product lines spread throughout the world, the company’s supply chain needs to be robust. As such, Coca-Cola is known for employing some of the most state-of-the-art supply chain management techniques and innovative technologies in the food and beverage industry. 


Material Handling & Logistics—Wearable safety trackers are changing how warehouses handle employee safety, but some are concerned about potential surveillance applications.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations

SupplyChainBrain—For companies that ship dozens or thousands of items in any given day, packaging presents big opportunities for customer experience and cost savings — but matching items to appropriate boxes can turn into a complicated science. At tools manufacturer Snap-on Tools, artificial intelligence is changing that.

Your Place for Info on Your Space
Tennant Company
Controlling labor costs. Exploring new technologies. Improving efficiencies. In the middle of a busy day, where do you find the time to research questions that make a difference to your work? Tennant would like to help! Take our two-minute quiz for focused information on cleaning equipment and facility solutions
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Logistics Management—The trucking sector is going through a major paradigm shift due to the ongoing digitization of the industry and the increased transparency resulting from the digitization and the launching of a trucking forward and freight futures market. It’s now a 3D market comprised of the spot, forward and trucking freight futures markets.

Supply Chain Dive—A tight trucking market drove shippers to adjust their operating models and position themselves as good customers to carriers. These four experts weigh in on what makes a successful shipper of choice: Foster Finley at AlixPartners, Pete Guarraia at Bain, Mark Hermans at PwC and Courtney Rogerson at Gartner.

Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.

Global Trade Mag—While many business owners say that the first rule of a successful company is keeping customers happy, studies show that also keeping employees happy is critical to the whole process. The better a business owner and upper management treat good employees, the more committed and engaged they will be to perform at a consistently high level and do their part to help make the business successful.

MHI’s new Career Forum enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Supply Chain Management Review—Digital transformation is changing supply chains on many fronts, including the functional makeup of teams. Unfamiliar job titles such as “data scientist” are now part of the supply chain ecosystem, as the discipline comes to rely more and more on its ability to collect, analyze and interpret massive volumes of data.

Molded Fiberglass Tray Company
Global Trade

SupplyChain247—Recently, logistics companies that have failed to comply with the regulations that govern exports have experienced more and significant penalties.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive—In order to avoid disruptions to your supply chain during the on-going trade war, it is essential to diversify operations in order to get ahead and protect the consumer.