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Top Story— Manufacturers and warehouse managers needing work platforms or multi-level shelving can now utilize two standards approved by the American National Standards Institute—thanks to MHI and its Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) Industry Group.

Maximum performance in confined spaces
MCFA - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
The stand-up counterbalanced lift truck delivers power in a compact package. Designed for productivity and operator comfort, the Jungheinrich ETG 214-318 series forklift allows operators to move loads up to 4,000 lbs in confined spaces.
Now through December 31, 2019, you can take full advantage of an industry-exclusive 3-year/6,000 hour extended warranty. 
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MHI Updates
As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Selecting a Storage, Logistics or Manufacturing Solution for Your Facility.
Selecting the right storage system can be a complicated process. Not only are there different options for every unique application, but regulations and compliance codes are changing every year.  Your best resource is the Storage Manufacturer’s Association - visit to learn more.

Webinar: Wednesday, Sep. 18, 2 - 3 p.m. EST

Don’t miss the next SMA webinar, Taking Warehouse Efficiency to New Heights with Mezzanines and Shelving Systems. Learn how to successfully meet standards and ensure storage safety to increase productivity and boost the bottom line.  

Key Takeaways will include: 

  • Ways SMA can solve your storage needs using Mezzanines and Shelving Systems
  • SMA Standards and how they affect your business
  • Ensuring your storage needs are safe, efficient and code compliant

Click here to register.—For the seventh year, an expert panel of industry insiders has evaluated and selected the most innovative products and solutions created in our industry. Prior to April’s installment of ProMat 2019, exhibitors were invited to submit entries for consideration in the MHI Innovation awards across three different categories: Best New Innovation, Best Innovation of an Existing Product and Best IT Innovation. MHI received 108 total submissions spread among the three groupings. To narrow down each category to four finalists prior to the show, the submissions were evaluated by a committee of six volunteer judges.


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Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
Vidir Inc.
Technology and Innovation

Material Handling & Logistics—While cost and complexity are valid concerns, when done correctly and deliberately, data analytics can provide valuable visibility into your warehousing operations.

Supply Chain Digital—The first step to be truly connected is having transparency across the chain itself. Most of what businesses can see is a patchwork of siloed data, with no single overview. A truly connected end-to-end supply chain has the aim to reach 100% visibility in real time which creates an integrated view across the enterprise, including, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, outsource partners and customers.

How would you solve this: Clipboards in the Warehouse
Small and medium sized companies are expanding and growing but still managing inventory and orders on spreadsheets and clipboards. With new growth, are systems still viable? What advice would you give these companies?
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Supply Chain Trends

Fast Company—As the Amazon continues to burn—more than 2.3 million acres in Brazil alone have burned so far this year—some companies are beginning to reconsider buying from suppliers in the area.

Forbes—The challenge for businesses in high risk areas is not if there will be a major natural disaster, it’s when it will arrive and what can be done to prepare and mitigate supply chain disruption so stores can remain stocked with the necessities and key industries can maintain business continuity regardless of the storm’s impact.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations

TED Magazine—Has your company’s inventory management approach kept up with the on-demand, “want it now” fulfillment and delivery environment…or not?

There's a better way to manage product data
Teamcenter Rapid Start product data management (PDM) software is the secret to streamlined product development. Whether you use SolidWorks or any other mechanical or electronics design tool, you can deploy our PDM software quickly and cost-effectively. It's easy to use, and easy to manage, with minimal IT resource and investment.
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American Trucking Associations—National Truck Driver Appreciation Week activities are taking place from coast to coast with hundreds of companies hosting special events to celebrate their professional truck drivers. Throughout the week, motor carriers are hosting safety award presentations, family gatherings, cookouts and giveaways for trucking’s safe and professional men and women.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive—Truckers across the U.S. were finally able to catch a break earlier this month as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) unveiled its proposed changes to the hours of service (HOS) rule. But, while the proposed changes allow truckers to have more flexibility in their schedule, there are increased safety concerns for short-haul drivers.


Global Trade Mag—In the busy and demanding world of trucking, industry players are inevitably reminded of two significant challenges that show no signs of lessening now and in the near future: trucking capacity and the driver shortage. Neither issue will solve itself with current approaches.

Transport Topics—The House Highways and Transit Subcommittee is scheduled to meet Sept. 11 to review why agencies around the country are considering congestion pricing and tolling. The systems are meant to alleviate traffic and fund repairs and maintenance for corridors.

Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
Education & Professional Development

MHI Blog—To ensure the safest and most productive working environment, ongoing training on proper use of all equipment is a must. The same rule applies to overhead handling systems. Employees who are properly trained and certified to operate and repair cranes, hoists and monorails have not only proven their competence in using the equipment but also are more valuable to their operation.

MHI’s new Career Forum enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to to find the perfect opportunity for you.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.

GreenBiz—From coffee bags to cheese wrappers, food and beverage packaging is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Scientists warn that the proliferation of plastics in the environment is creating a variety of health and ecological problems. Some companies are starting to recognize the need to act.

Bloomberg—The world must invest $1.8 trillion by 2030 to prepare for the effects of global warming. A new report said the payoff could be four times that.

Global Trade

Global Trade Mag—A summer of extreme weather in Europe followed on the heels of a dramatic gain in Green party popularity during and after the spring European parliament elections. What does this mean for companies that do business in the European Union? How will markets and regulations change in the near future as a result of rising concern over climate change across the Atlantic?