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Top Story—Just as the “Holy Grail” has long been sought after for its great significance, supply chain leaders are eternally looking for a Holy Grail specific to their needs: end-to-end visibility—in real-time—for making decisions that increase efficiency, reduce cost and/or create an amazing customer experience?
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Never stop a shift to charge with the Jungheinrich® EFG 2 Series electric 3-wheel forklift. Guaranteed to run two shifts on a single battery charge, this truck utilizes advanced 3-phase AC technology, delivering top speeds and industry-leading drive and lift performance.
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MHI Blog—Check out over 140 interactive educational sessions right on ProMat’s two show floors! ProMat 2019 offers you the insight and information you need to tackle today’s challenges – and prepare for what the future holds. Topics include emerging technologies, sustainable facility solutions, automation and robotics, data analytics and information management, workforce and labor, distribution/warehousing and manufacturing.

As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Women in Trucking.

Trucking is facing a driver shortage. There are almost 60,000 open positions, and women currently make up only 7 percent of drivers.



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Technology and Innovation
MIT Technology Review—None is easy, but all are incredibly important. And, quite a few of them are directly related to the supply chain, such as safe driverless cars, grid-scale energy storage and embodied AI. The others are carbon sequestration, universal flu vaccine, dementia treatment, ocean clean-up, energy-efficient desalination, earthquake prediction and brain decoding.
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Supply Chain Trends

Modern Materials Handling—A survey of key MRO maintenance decision makers shows that users have many ways to manage service programs and spare parts. However, the key to success is an active and proactive approach with clear responsibilities regardless of who in the organization is involved.


Material Handling & Logistics—The annual salary survey by MH&L results were published, and they revealed that the typical material handling and logistics professional earns $98,088. The survey was sent via email to select group of subscribers and took place in December 2018-January 2019, with 288 responses.

ThomasNet—A new study conducted by Zihao Li, Julie L. Swann, and Pinar Keskinocak from the Georgia Institute of Technology has found that some supply chain management techniques could be used to help improve public health. More specifically, they could be used to help reduce the spread of the influenza virus by allowing the flu shot to reach more people.

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Ideal Warehouse Innovations

MHI Blog—When you’ve got a 60-pound box of books, manually moving that from the line to the middle of a fresh pallet isn’t the most fun of jobs. Once they’ve dropped the box onto the pallet, workers are probably pulling a face as they try to straighten up. So you may be considering robotic palletizing to keep them happy (and you out of trouble). But where do you start?

Supply Chain Management Review—Stock-outs don’t seem to be predictable based solely on distribution center data, owing to the low frequency of steep drops in inventory

Visual Configuration. The starting point for your digital transformation.
Atlatl Software
Digital Transformation is more than just another buzz term, it’s a critical movement that companies must embrace to survive. But all too often companies become paralyzed under the weight of determining where to start their transformation journey. Here’s our suggestion. Start with SALES.
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Logistics Viewpoint—The most successful enterprise-wide transportation management programs don’t stop with the successful rollout of the system. Instead, they go on indefinitely, delivering more business value over time. To sustain and grow transportation management success, companies need to implement a competency center.

Freight Waves—Few narrow-body aircraft like the 737 MAX are fully “maxed out” with cargo because there are limited volumes in many cargo markets that fit and can regularly fill such aircraft, and therefore the effect of the grounding will have less of an effect on cargo than on passengers.

Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.

BusinessInsider—Truck drivers are typically paid per mile, rather than per hour. That means they aren't compensated for much of the time they spend on the road. A class-action lawsuit in Arkansas involving nearly 3,000 truck drivers alleged that the practice goes against the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Truckinginfo—Muddled truck driver turnover rates saw decreases at large fleets and increases at small fleets, according to American Trucking Associations' latest numbers, and the reason for the change is hard to pin down.

Kinetic Technologies,Inc.

Supply Chain Dive—A food and beverage giant, PepsiCo, is designing containers with reuse in mind, prompting new ways of thinking about packaging, reverse logistics and KPIs.

Global Trade

Supply & Demand Chain Executive—U.K. lawmakers voted to delay the Brexit process, saying that it needed more time to break the deadlock over Britain's departure from the European Union.

SupplyChainBrain—Manufacturers and producers around the globe view the U.S. as a source of demand for the products they manufacture. This view, while appealing from a sales standpoint, requires a thorough understanding of supply-chain logistics and costs associated with making products in one country and importing and selling them in another.

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