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Forbes—A handful of startups have been quietly making progress toward building longer-range autonomous aircraft that can deliver heavier cargo. One that is currently being tested will be able to automatically pick up and release a cargo pod with a capacity of 500 pounds and carry it up to 300 miles.

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As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on MHI’s New MH+ Program.

MHI’s mission is to deliver member value every day. As part of this mission, MHI and GES have made an investment in the success of exhibitors at MHI trade events by developing a program to help exhibitors control their material handling costs at MHI trade events.



MHI Blog—The door prize for Industry Night at ProMat 2019 is a luxury package trip of lifetime vacation, valued at $30,000. The cool part is that it’s really up to you how you spend it.


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MHI Blog—ProMat is a top trade show in supply chain and manufacturing and has been consistently named one of the best supply chain events in 2019. In just a couple of months, over 45,000 people will head to Chicago to attend ProMat 2019 and find their supply chain WOW—that trend or technology that will take their supply chain to the next level of success.

Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
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Technology and Innovation—With the uptick in workforce mobility and access to corporate networks via smartphones comes increased exposure enterprise-wide to cybersecurity threats, including those that originate within the supply chain.

ThomasNet—The landscape of industrial tech often seems to be in a state of constant upheaval, fluctuating constantly. New concepts, machines, and apps are introduced seemingly every day. Disruption has always played a key role in how the industrial economy evolves, and digital technology, in particular, has created one of the biggest upsets in recent years.


SupplyChainBrain—Companies that aren’t investing something in artificial intelligence technology today will struggle to find resources in the future as the fast movers invest heavily in the tools, people and technology to bring these systems to bear on supply chain problems.

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Supply Chain Trends

MHI Blog—On the whole, 2018 was a rather a good year for our economy. But 2019 is here, and over the next 12 months there’s a good chance we will see the convergence of political instability, increasing trade tensions, and a market that has potentially topped out. With this on the horizon, how prepared is your organization?

Modern Materials Handling—Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report observes that the rate of blockchain adoption is slower than expected, even though the technology has some clear potential benefits in the freight transportation and logistics marketplace.

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Ideal Warehouse Innovations

Material Handling & Logistics—The U.S. Food and Drug launching a new pilot project on Feb. 7 in which participants representing the drug supply chain can pilot the use of innovative and emerging approaches for enhanced tracing and verification of prescription drugs in the U.S. The goal of the new program is to ensure suspect and illegitimate products do not enter the supply chain.

Manufacturing—The Overhead Alliance—a marketing arm for the Monorail Manufacturers Association, the Hoist Manufacturers Institute and the Crane Manufacturers Association of America—has been busy. The Alliance has been promoting items ranging from the Overhead Crane Safety Conference that was sponsored by CMAA as well as activities designed to solidify the groups’ relationship with OSHA.

SupplyChain247—A survey by the Contract Packaging Association revealed that 70% of contract packaging and contract manufacturing companies are concerned that the regulatory environment could negatively impact business in the coming years.

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Supply Chain Management Review—There are more semi-electric vehicles on the road as the technology advances. These vehicles can decrease fuel costs, which will decrease operating costs. And the semi-electric trucks have the added benefit of advancing efforts to clean up the environment.

ThomasNet—Solar-powered cars would eliminate the need for a charging infrastructure, which is one of the bigger concerns with electric cars. So, why isn’t anyone figuring out how to make this happen? They are – and testing is in the works. One of the features being testes is a car covered in solar panels, which allow the user to recharge the vehicle each day simply by parking it outside.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive—Long wait times at shipping docks are contributing to the ongoing driver shortage. According to FreightWaves, truckers waited an average of 2.5 hours per job at shipping docks in 2018. But, that time is upward of 5.5 hours in Fresno, which puts them at the top of the Top 10 cities with the worst detention times, according to FreightWaves.

Supply Chain Dive—Norfolk Southern laid out its plan to implement precision scheduled railroading (PSR) Monday at an investor conference at the railroad's new headquarters in Atlanta. The plan includes centralizing operations, reducing staff, running fewer, heavier, faster trains and optimizing the network in order to increase efficiency.

Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.

Transport Topics—Cents per mile remains the dominant form of pay in the for-hire truckload sector, but its dominance is not as strong as it once was as fleets embrace alternative pay models that take cyclicality out of driver pay.

Kinetic Technologies,Inc.
Global Trade

Global Trade Mag—Technology can make or break a company’s ability to react to changing consumer demand, market shifts, and supply constraints. It can also limit a company’s ability to fully exploit the innovative technologies that are constantly emerging.

Supply Chain Management Review—Even the simplest of concepts can require very complicated processes with a close attention toward every detail. Here are a few common product development hurdles to look out for so you can avoid them.

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