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Top Story—In recent years, fruits, vegetables and meat products have all been susceptible to some sort of scare. And for good reason. Each year, one in 10 Americans is sickened by food, and 400,000 die. Tracking down the cause of the contaminated product sometimes can take months. But, with blockchain starting to make its way into the food industry, the tracking process is undergoing some major changes.
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MCFA - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.
Never stop a shift to charge with the Jungheinrich® EFG 2 Series electric 3-wheel forklift. Guaranteed to run two shifts on a single battery charge, this truck utilizes advanced 3-phase AC technology, delivering top speeds and industry-leading drive and lift performance.
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As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on Promoting “Dirty” Jobs.
Popular media plays a big role in how many professions are perceived by the public. Some industries are starting to take advantage of this by producing their own entertainment properties.


MHI Blog—MHI Industry Night at ProMat 2019 will feature entertainment by Craig Ferguson, a Scottish-American television host, comedian, author and actor. You might know Ferguson from hosting the American late-night talk show called Late Late Show, or for his role on the American game show Celebrity Name Game, but do you know these ten things about his life and career?

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Western Pacific Storage Solutions, Inc.
Vidir Inc.
Technology and Innovation
Stanford Social Innovation Review—By making data easily verifiable, resistant to alteration, and instantly available to anyone within a network, the incorruptible digital ledgers known as blockchains can help ensure that commercial goods are ethically produced from mine to store.
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RAM Mounts
Keep your keyboard, phone, dock, and/or monitor in one secure and easy to access location with the RAM® Accessory/Display Bracket. This bracket supports most monitors using the popular VESA hole pattern in both portrait and landscape mode, and is compatible with the Samsung DeX Station.
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Supply Chain Trends
SupplyChain247—2019 is shaping up to be a year in which warehouses and distribution centers continue the development and implementation of technology-based processes, and technology will allow shippers to work smarter, faster and with fewer human resources.
Global Trade Mag—Supply chain complexity has been growing for years and several of these trends threaten to create even more complexity, according to a report released by DHL. The trends explored are specific to the North American regions and focus on the greatest impact.
Forbes—Predictions, especially ones that incorporate trends, technologies and political situations, are difficult to make. But, there are some markers that help strategists point in certain directions, and those markers are coming through loud and clear for 2019. Global uncertainty, climate change, BRICS countries, online retailing, 3D printing and blockchain are just some of the topics to make this list.  
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Ideal Warehouse Innovations
Material Handling & Logistics—Veruca Salt won. We all want everything now, putting the onus on supply chains to hurry up and give it to us. Luckily, deploying the right tech makes this possible
Modern Materials Handling— Today's complex supply chains have many moving parts that can be difficult to synchronize, optimize and digitize. The question is where to start.
Supply Chain Dive—Nearly every industry, at some point, faces product recalls. So, as a supply chain manager, knowing how to weather them is imperative. Traceability and inventory planning are two important first steps.
Visual Configuration. The starting point for your digital transformation.
Atlatl Software
Digital Transformation is more than just another buzz term, it’s a critical movement that companies must embrace to survive. But all too often companies become paralyzed under the weight of determining where to start their transformation journey. Here’s our suggestion. Start with SALES.
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Transport Topics—Truck platooning has not yet advanced beyond the testing and development stage, but proponents and developers of the technology continue to explore ways to eventually deploy it in real-world freight operations.
SupplyChainBrain—While electric trucks are making headlines, the competition will be a tough one when it comes to Class 8 heavy-duty trucks. Diesel has a strong following and supporters will expect some impressive statistics before contemplating electrification for their fleets.
Freightwaves—Falling energy prices in December cooled inflation fears and restrained price gains, while trucking rates continued their upward drive fueled in large part by long-distance truck loads.
Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive—Increased cost is the biggest challenge for businesses adopting sustainable supply chains, according to a recent survey by Economist Intelligence Unit and LLamasoft.
Global Trade
Material Handling & Logistics—Successful leaders will require flexibility, digital champions and a willingness to test digital-first ways of growing retail sales globally.
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