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Top Story—When you hear that companies have suffered a cyber-related data or monetary loss, your immediate reaction may be to assume that the culprits were automated bots fielded by foreign hackers or software security systems that failed to perform effectively. While those are frequently factors in such breaches, they’re only part of the picture. Company employees as well as people who work for the company’s contractors and third-party suppliers often bear responsibility for cyberthefts, whether they’ve acted maliciously or inadvertently.
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MHI Blog—Providers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are often asked which type of AGV is the best. The answer, almost every time? “It depends.” It’s not a particularly satisfying answer, however, there some advantages and disadvantages to each type of AGV. Here’s a master post that will hopefully shed some light on your choices.
As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this episode focuses on Applications for Autonomous Mobile Robots.
Supply chain operations are seeing the benefits of using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to augment their workforce. AMRs can be used to provide flexible solutions to workforce gaps or by freeing up employees to perform higher level tasks. 


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Technology and Innovation
MHI Blog—Retail giant Walmart has applied to patent a blockchain system that will enable secure deliveries by autonomous robots. The patent is called “Systems, Devices, and Methods for In-Field Authenticating of Autonomous Robots” and specifies that delivery drones and household robots will be able to authenticate each other using built-in security measures.
RFID Journal—No matter whether you're shipping laptops, moving food from the farm to the table or assembling a jet engine, the IoT will soon have a significant impact on how materials move through your supply chain, and will play a major role in meeting your goals.
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Supply Chain Trends
The Wall Street Journal—What if you could store and deliver goods as easily as data? Amazon, Walmart and others are using AI and robotics to transform everything from appliance shopping to grocery delivery. Welcome to the physical cloud.
Deloitte—Organizations’ digital transformation initiatives are primarily driven by productivity and operations—achieving current goals faster and better. However, innovation-driven efforts could prove equally valuable.
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Ideal Warehouse Innovations
Advanced Manufacturing—The information smart sensors can provide to manufacturers and the supply chain is helping companies integrate key operations and performance data beyond the factory walls — such as monitoring reliability and shipping conditions, improving predictive maintenance and making just-in-time delivery easier.
Visual Configuration. The starting point for your digital transformation.
Atlatl Software
Digital Transformation is more than just another buzz term, it’s a critical movement that companies must embrace to survive. But all too often companies become paralyzed under the weight of determining where to start their transformation journey. Here’s our suggestion. Start with SALES.
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Transport Topics—With rising costs in all aspects of operation including purchase payments, permits, licensing and insurance, the national average of $1.69 per mile is up 10 cents from 2016, with the highest cost-per-mile averaging $1.735 in the Northeast region.
Logistics Management—In many business circles, the phrase, “you get what you paid for,” can often speak volumes. Based on research recently published by global express delivery and logistics services provider DHL, that sentiment carries a lot of weight.
Supply & Demand Chain Executive—The key to creating the perfect fast-delivery shipping model and offering the best customer experience is closer than you think.
Engineering Innovation
United Material Handling, Inc.
Education & Professional Development—The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals has defined logistics as “… that part of supply chain management that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse-flows, and the storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.” An important part of this logistics function is the production and warehouse activity that takes place within the four walls of a facility called intralogistics.
Transport Topics—Driver turnover is on pace to hit the highest annual rate in five years, but experts point to several ways carriers can limit the churn, including better hiring interviews, bonuses, expanded benefits, use of mobile freight apps and empathy when drivers are confronting hardship.
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SupplyChainBrain— Companies have an opportunity to draw on technology to better understand their supply chains’ carbon footprint, emissions and energy consumption, and ultimately work toward sustainability goals. Telematics has been deployed to monitor everything from routing, driver behavior and vehicle idling. Intelligent data aggregated from wireless hardware and software can help optimize loads, target deliveries and ensure a more efficient and sustainable operation.
Global Trade
CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly—The possible ramifications of ongoing trade wars, particularly those with China, are going to be harmful to U.S. importers and their supply chain partners. While stockpiling is taking place, the new tariffs will eventually cut into margins, transportation will be disrupted and thousands of jobs will be at risk, just for starters.
Global Trade—In an era where technology is continuing to migrate consumer spending habits online and away from brick-and-mortar stores, the newly released 2019 Third-Party Logistics Study highlights how supply chains are also going digital and using science to keep pace.