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MHI Blog -- Accounting for approximately 17 percent of GDP and 14 percent of employment globally, the manufacturing sector is the engine of global trade – 70 percent of the entire global trade volume stems from manufacturing companies.

Against this background, a report released by DHL titled "Engineering & Manufacturing 2025+ – Building the World" highlights that supply chain concepts need to be regionalized, interconnected, more resilient and sustainable as well as more agile to comply with trends such as shifting markets, customization and increased compliance.
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The Wall Street Journal -- Major retailers expanded their e-commerce supply chains in the third quarter, ahead of what is shaping up to be the busiest holiday season ever for online shopping.

 Home Depot Inc.  said it now can ship to 90% of its U.S. customers within two business days after recently opening its third online-order fulfillment center in Troy Township, Ohio.
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Material Handling & Logistics -- This holiday season consumer will choose free delivery when offered, according to Deloitte’s annual holiday survey of consumer spending intentions and trends. 

"Consumers value their time as much as dollars saved," says Rod Sides, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP and retail and distribution practice leader. "So when it comes to shipping their holiday purchases bought online, they are expecting free shipping and they want options to get it delivered quickly."
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EBN -- Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise, and cybercriminals are taking aim at new types of information and using different attack vectors. More than ever before, the crooks are setting their sights on the supply chain with greater skill and attention.

In PWC's 2015 US State of Cybercrime Survey, 76% of those surveyed said they are more concerned about cybersecurity threats this year than in the previous 12 months, up from 59% the year before.  Concern was well founded, with four out of five reporting that their organization has experienced a security event in the previous 12 months. The survey polled 500 US executives, security experts, and others from the public and private sectors.  
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Tauber Institute for Global Operations at University of Michigan
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Los Angeles Times -- The neighborhoods of West Los Angeles may have gotten it first, but Google's overnight delivery service, Google Express, is now available to everyone in Southern California, from San Diego to Anaheim to Downtown L.A.

With the expansion of the service, customers across Southern California will have the option to sign up for a $95 annual membership, or pay a fee of $4.99 per eligible order to use the service.
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Environmental Leader -- Self-driving cars will cruise around a 32-acre "city" in Michigan over the next five years, speeding (or not) down roads, through intersections, obeying traffic signs and signals, while avoiding sidewalks, trees and construction obstacles.

That’s the goal of the $20 million University of Michigan Mcity — the world’s first controlled environment designed to test the potential of autonomous vehicle technologies that will lead the way to mass-market driverless cars, which, according to Navigant Research, could hit the road by 2025.
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As part of MHI view's ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Envisioning the Future of Supply Chain Networks.

The supply chain industry is undergoing major changes, but where is it headed? Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights, gives her thoughts on what the future of supply chain networks may hold. 

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Supply Chain Management Review -- As increasing awareness of environmental and social concerns pervades business operations, firms are responding to customer, competitor and regulatory pressures to enhance their sustainability efforts. Corporate citizenship extends beyond the confines of any single firm, however, to include the entire supply chain network — both upstream and downstream.
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Air Cargo World -- Even before the events in Paris on Friday Nov. 13, unrest in several geographic areas of the world has contributed to major disruption in the supply chain. According to the most recent Security Risk Index from US-based supply-chain consultants BSI, the influx of refugees fleeing areas of conflict in the Middle East has caused disruption to cargo movement across Europe. Border checks have been re-imposed at previously open borders, and some borders have been closed, delaying or stopping transportation. 
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International Business Systems

Insurance Journal -- Utah is test-driving new technology that could improve safety and fuel efficiency for big-rig truckers.

The Utah Department of Transportation started conducting field tests last week of a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system aimed at the trucking industry. The tests were done in Tooele County with two semitrailers on I-80.
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CFO -- Early uses of big data were concentrated in two areas: customer segmentation/marketing effectiveness, and financial services, particularly in trading. Recently, supply chain has become the "next big thing."

Why? A company’s supply chain is rich with data, and it’s also a large cost component. Combined, those facts mean that advanced analytics can become a strategic weapon for optimizing the supply chain.
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Industrial Distribution -- Determining the optimal stock levels for MRO spares should be a science, not an art. But for most organizations, it represents an impossible numbers game.

Inventory managers are faced with the challenge of managing tens or hundreds of thousands of items, each with their own characteristics, requiring complex and time-consuming calculations. Without a structured methodology and powerful analytical tools, the proactive management of large inventories becomes an impossible task, resulting in rapidly increasing inventory levels combined with critical shortages of spare parts.
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The Hill -- Major vehicle manufacturers are telling Congress to keep its distance as the industry evolves to take advantage of the "Internet of cars."

Representatives of Toyota, Tesla and GM are scheduled to testify before a House Oversight subcommittee on Wednesday, when they will tout the safety and comfort benefits of increasingly connected cars in prepared testimony.
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Engineering Innovation
Infor Global Solution

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods -- Proposed regulations mandated by the Sanitary Food Transportation Act and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) hold powerful implications for the future of the cold chain industry. The business environment is shifting, and the proposed rule is just one piece of this changing landscape, as the industry experiences an overall increase in regulations, customer-required audits and augmented public pressure from food recalls.
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The Philadelphia Inquirer -- Forget delivery by Domino's. Your dinner could soon be delivered by drone.

Retail giant Wal-Mart announced last month that it has applied to the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones in delivering some of its products.

Including edibles, it turns out. Food items accounted for more than half of Wal-Mart's annual sales of $482.2 billion for the fiscal year that ended Jan. 31, 2015, according to the company.
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MHI’s new Career Forum  enables manufacturing and supply chain professionals to view current job postings of MHI member companies. Go to http://www.mhi.org/careers to find the perfect opportunity for you.
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