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This year, MODEX 2020 presented some challenges that had not been encountered before. But, just like we encounter new challenges every day in the supply chain, we also create just as many solutions. MHI's roster of solutions ensured that whether you were able to attend or whether COVID-19 kept you off the MODEX show floor, you had access to the material, ideas and possibilities that MODEX offers. And, just becasue the show is over, doesn't mean those avenues of opportunity have closed. Here are some ways you can still connect or peruse the solutions presented at MODEX:

1. Engage with MODEX exhibitors digitally on the MODEX 

2. Peruse the podcasts recorded of every on-floor show seminar held at MODEX at via MHI’s new podcast portal – MHIcast

3. See videos of the action at MODEX, including keynote interviews, discussions with exhibitors, feedback from attendees and some of the other highlights at MODEX. 

4. Check out the videos from the keynotes and education sessions from the theaters—Emerging Technology, Transportation & Logistics, IoT and RPA Sustainability. They will be loaded onto the MODEX 2020 website in the next week or two.
5. Look for our fun show coverage in the next issue of MHI Solutions.
6. Sign up for our weekly AI (artificial intelligence) Newswire, to see what people in the industry are sharing about MODEX online.
7. Browse through the social media channels (specifics shared further down in this email) to see what you might have missed.
8. Dig deeper and find specific information on MODEX 2020 exhibitors and their solutions at the MODEX

Now that MODEX has ended, MHI would like to thank all our exhibitors, attendees and partners who took part in this event for your support throughout the week.

Due to the growing concern about COVID-19, MHI will share any information we receive regarding anyone who was on-site during MODEX who tests positive for this virus.

We will provide any further information that we learn on this page and via emails to all registered exhibitors and attendees. We ask that you continue to follow protocols provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for your continued health and safety.

A press release providing final MODEX attendance and more information will be provided soon.

To follow MHI's official updates on COVID-19, click here.

Emulate3D Ltd.
Engineering Innovation
Conference News
On the last day of the show, we talked to a few of the attendees and exhibitors to find out what they truly thought of MODEX 2020. This is what they had to say....
This year, we had a reporter walking the show floor and talking to attendees—for the sole purpose of finding out which booths were tops in the "attention-getting" category. From funniest, to most interesting swag, to best interactive game, to most unusual furniture, find out what the attendees were talking about as they wandered the show floor. We'll be revealing what the reporter found out in our next issue of MHI Solutions and also posting it on our NEWLY REDESIGNED MHI Solutions website:
Slam dunk your supply chain at the Swisslog MODEX booth
Nothing is more fast-paced than fulfillment and the supply chain…. except for maybe a competitive pop-a-shot tournament. 
You’re invited to join us at the Swisslog Happy Hour (booth 7657) on Tuesday, March 10, from 3-5PM to test your basketball shooting skills and show you can make the tough shot when it counts the most.
Find out more >>
Keynotes, Sessions & Seminars
From connecting the dots to telling the truth to pinpointing the number one issue for businesses today, Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2017 – 2019), supplied some riveting answers and examples to the questions posed during her keynote address held on Monday morning. Her guidance not only involved specific examples related to her time as governor of South Carolina and as an ambassador, but also to her regional and international business experience—which was especially applicable for the crowd at her MODEX keynote. 
If you were still a little sleepy when getting to the Thomas Murphy Ballroom on Wednesday morning, that feeling probably didn’t last long. The magnitude and surprises in the information shared and the amount of intellect that was exhibited and shared by the panelists provided more of a mental jolt than any amount of coffee could accomplish.
But, first the good news shared by MHI CEO George W. Prest:  “Despite all the news, there has been a lot of energy on the floor… We have had better-than-expected attendance.”
Imagine humans controlling robots with their minds. Quadriplegics driving cars. Accident predictions using ear buds. Except, you no longer need to imagine it. The technology is here.  In fact, the technology was being worn by the keynote speaker on Tuesday morning, Olivier Oullier, president of EMOTIV. Standing in for Tan Le, who was not able to make it last-minute, Oullier delivered a message that had attendees lining up with questions at the end of the presentation, “The Neurogeneration – The Future Is Closer than You Think,” about the latest breakthroughs in mind control. 
Beckhoff Automation
Best of ProMat Daily
If you attended the conversation with Peyton and Archie Manning, you probably weren’t expecting to find out the secrets to running a successful supply chain operation. And you’d be right! But, you probably also didn’t realize that there are a lot of similarities involved in running a successful football play and running a successful supply chain team. Or, that it could be so interesting hearing about some of the similarities from the very charismatic and, yes, comedic Mannings.
In Tuesday afternoon’s timely panel entitled, “Coronavirus and Global Supply Chains: What You Need to Know Now,” it was clear that much is still unknown about the COVID-19 outbreak and its global ripple. “Everybody will have an opinion and that is the reality – we are too close to this event and they are all opinions in my judgment right now,” noted author and researcher Philip J. Palin of the overall distress and turmoil derived from this force majeure. However, Palin, along with MHI Chief Operating Officer John Paxton and Resilience360 CEO David Shillingford were in full agreement that all entities need to brace for what is yet to come. “One thing supply chains hate is variance and there is going to be a lot of that,” said Resilience360’s Shillingford. 
"It takes a community to put it together," said CEO George Prest at Industry Night with Colin Jost. He said the Innovation Awards,in particular, draw more and more applications every year, with this year topping off at 155. Then, came the moment everyone had been waiting for: the big reveal of the winners, not only for the Innovation Awards, but a few others as well!
The 2020 MHI Innovation Award winners were Agility Robotics, OPEX and Yard Management Solution.  
The Young Professional Award (YPN) went to Lisa Richardson of Hytrol. 
The Mentor Award went to John Rosenberger of The Raymond Corporation.
After the awards, Brett Wood, MHI Chairman, announced that "George is retiring later this year" and presented him with a picture and thanked him for his service to our industry. "It has absolutely been my honor," said Prest.
ANT® - Your Vehicle, Our Navigation
BlueBotics SA
Automating a vehicle can be complicated. However, it’s a challenge we understand deeply. Since 2006, we’ve helped companies to develop automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated forklifts, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and more. So why risk delays, unexpected costs and your company’s reputation by choosing the wrong navigation partner? With BlueBotics you have the technology and expertise you need.
Schedule a call with our team today (or visit stand 8270).
Videos & Sponsors

The 2020 MHI Innovation Award winners were revealed during Industry Night. More than 150 submissions were received this year! The four finalists in each category were announced prior to the opening of the show, but the winners of the most innovative products in each category were not revealed until Wednesday during MHI Industry Night. 

Best Innovation of an Existing Product—OPEX Corporation - Booth #8819
Perfect Pick HD & Sure Sort Micro-fulfillment Solution  
Best IT Innovation—Yard Management Solutions - Booth #8178
Best New Innovation— Agility Robotics - Booth #1508

Click here for a list of the finalists.

During the course of MODEX, our video crew was interviewing keynotes, talking to exhibitors, getting feedback from attendees and sharing their view of the action at MODEX.

The videos were emailed out daily, but you can also access them at this link to catch up on what you missed or to see the latest clips.

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