Seminar Coverage: 8 Game-Changing Mobile Automation Applications

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By DC Velocity Staff

Mobile automation is one of the fastest growing segments in material handling and logistics. In fact, the warehouse automation market is set to reach US$27 billion by 2025. To highlight a variety of ways companies can incorporate mobile automation into their organizations, Mark Longacre, chair of MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) and applications engineering manager at JBT Crop, along with Brian Keiger, MAG vice chair and chief sales officer at Grenzebach Corp., highlighted eight use-case applications during an educational session at ProMatDX on Tuesday. 

Those use-case applications included: goods-to-person e-commerce; lineside delivery and replenishment; increase productivity for limited workforce with AMRs; end-of-line to automated trailer loading; production to warehouse storage and retrieval; machine to machine transport; automotive production line; and a 3PL increases labor efficiency by 35%.

With the impact of COVID-19 significantly and unexpectedly affecting both the labor force and e-commerce operations, the automated material movement has become essential for success across manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing, said Longacre. MAG’s mission is to promote the market awareness, growth, and effective use of driverless industrial vehicles—automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), or automated guided carts (AGCs), automated material movement and help companies make a smart choice to solve their mobile automation challenges. 

According to Longacre, “What I hear over and over from customers is ‘How can I use these automation technologies in my facility?’” The applications provided during the session gave insight into the unique challenges faced when installing AGVs, AMRs, and AGCs and how those challenges were overcome. 

Thank you to DC Velocity for providing coverage of this session. All recorded Education Sessions from ProMatDX will be available on-demand at on April 19.


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