Seminar Coverage: How to Build a Successful Last-Leg Fulfillment Operation

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By DC Velocity Staff

Without a doubt, the increasing complexities reverberating across the globe have created a difficult challenge for shippers when it comes to improving a new or existing last-leg fulfillment strategy. If you’re considering adding automation for microfulfillment, cross-docking, omnichannel fulfillment to your facility, or even designing a new warehouse, the strategy you choose should be well-planned and backed by data and the right equipment and software, representatives from systems integrator Bastian Solutions explained during a ProMatDX educational session yesterday. 

“Traditional fulfillment has changed to omnichannel fulfillment. That shift to omnichannel is only accelerating even more rapidly to what we are calling ‘future-omni’—which is essentially figuring out a way to automate the final mile process. That complexity is only continuing to grow,” said Alex Haines, business development consultant at Bastian Solutions.

If your organization is looking to build a successful final-mile automation operation, here are some requirements to keep in mind:

• Look for small scale/dense storage
• A flexible system that fits various store layouts
• Offers turn-key installation
• Multisite deployable—a system that is repeatable, offers fast installation, strong return on investment per install, and standardized software
• High uptime
• Utilizes an experienced integrator and installer
• Bonus: Provides engaging customer experience—as more customers get back to in-store shopping, integrating that automation into the in-store experience would be beneficial

Thank you to DC Velocity for providing coverage of this session. All recorded Education Sessions from ProMatDX will be available at on April 19 to registered attendees.


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