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As the globalization and complexity of supply chains advance, so must its optimization, especially for companies that process freight shipments between the U.S. and Asia.

These companies are heavily scrutinizing transportation costs in East Coast and West Coast seaports—and inland cities with strong transportation links—locating facilities in markets best able to serve established and emerging "megapolitan" areas in a quick, cost-effective manner.

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U.S. maritime ports handle more than $1.3 trillion in cargo annually. The operations of these ports are supported by information and communication systems, which are susceptible to cyber-related threats. Failures in these systems could degrade or interrupt operations at ports, including the flow of commerce.

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Manufacturing activity in the United States expanded at the fastest rate since March 2011 in August, marking the fifteenth consecutive month of growth, according to the most recent Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®. The August PMI® registered 59 percent, an increase of 1.9 percentage points from July’s reading of 57.1 percent.

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Women account for 37% of students enrolled in university supply chain courses, but only 5% of top-level supply chain positions at Fortune 500 companies are filled by women, according to SCM World. In comparison, women hold 15% of all executive officer positions at Fortune 500 companies.

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MHI will celebrate its 70th Anniversary with an event during ProMat 2015 on Wednesday, March 25. The event will feature entertainment from comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo.

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MHI announces that MODEX 2016 will be held April 4-7, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

The MODEX 2016 Exhibit Space Draw will be held December 12, 2014 in Atlanta. This will be the first opportunity for companies to secure exhibit space for this event.

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Educators and program directors from high schools, community/technical colleges, universities, and other organizations from all over the country recently converged on Lake City, Florida to attend the annual Train-the-Trainer Summer Camp sponsored by MHI’s Technical Career and Education Program (TCEP). 

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The Supply Chain Sustainability School is expanding its service to offer support and training to suppliers and contractors in the facilities management (FM) sector.

The service will launch in January 2015 and attempt to replicate the success of the collaboration it has fostered in the construction sector to raise sustainability standards.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/uks-supply-chain-sustainability-schools-to-offer-support-for-facilities-management/ to view the full article online.

Kellogg recently pledged to reduce its carbon footprint, move to sustainable sourcing, and push its supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.

Among the specifics promised by Kellogg: a move to responsible sourcing of its top 10 ingredients by 2020, and an additional 15% decrease in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/kellogg-pledges-to-reduce-carbon-footprint-as-oxfam-targets-big-brands/ to view the full article online.


MHI has announced the speaker lineup for the 2014 MHI Executive Summit & Annual Conference. MHI has expanded the educational and informational offerings at this event to better serve our members and address important issues facing our industry. 

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/speakers-from-walmart-google-and-cisco-to-headline-2014-mhi-executive-summit-annual-conference/ to view the full article online.


The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) was established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. C-TPAT was established to improve supply chain security for private companies. There are over 10,000 participants, which account for 50% of imports into the United States by value.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/security-supply-chain-customs-trade-partnership-against-terrorism-c-tpat/ to view the full article online.

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