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The supply chain represents as much as 40 percent of the operating costs of hospitals, the second-largest expense after labor. The average hospital carries 8,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) of in-house inventory and owns up to 35,000 SKUs end-to-end. Learn how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is impacting hospitals to their ability to control supply chain costs.

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Kevin Gue, Editor-in-Chief of the recently published U.S. Roadmap on Material Handling and Logistics, recently wrote a blog on how Google Glass can be used to facilitate order fulfillment.

The blog includes a video that very impressively demonstrates how Google Glass directs a worker to pick the items in the order even going as far as illuminating the exact location by a green rectangle on the Glass. Glass also helps the worker with the shortest route to pick the items in the order.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/wearable-technology-can-offer-increased-efficiency-and-reduced-errors-in-order-fulfillment/ to view the full article online.

During the past decade, public-private partnerships (P3s) have built some vital transportation and infrastructure projects in the U.S. Now a similar cooperative approach is being applied to an entirely different sector—manufacturing.

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Over 50 percent of retail CEOs see supply chain as strategic differentiator, but many are not making required transformation to take advantage of the pace of change. According to a recent survey by PwC titled CEO Viewpoint: The Strategic Role of Supply Chain in an All-Channel World.

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Retail has moved past operating siloed business lines—like brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce and wholesale—in a seamless inventory between all of the sales operations. In many ways, multi-channel has given way to omni-channel: getting the product to the customer as quickly as possible, no matter where it was ordered.

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According to PwC and APICS, when companies broaden their perspectives on sustainability and adopt clear strategies to tap ethical, economic, social— and environmental—levers across their extended supply chains, new sources of value can emerge. 

Forty-three percent of respondents attributed cost reduction to supply chain sustainability initiatives and 35 percent reported improvements in their company’s environmental impact.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/over-three-quarters-of-executives-predict-an-increased-focus-on-supply-chain-sustainability-in-the-next-three-years/ to view the full article online.

Total U.S. business logistics costs in 2013 rose to $1.39 trillion, a 2.3 percent increase from the previous year, according to the recently released Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) 25th Annual "State of Logistics Report®.

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Former President of the National Association of Manufacturers Jerry Jasinowski recently wrote an article on the Huffington Post on the manufacturing and skills crisis.

In the article, Jasinowski discusses the need to get the public school system active engaged to help solve the skills gap. Here are his recommendations:

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Competition has always been fierce in retail. But as retailers continue to contend for greater customer loyalty and a larger share of the market, those in shipping and material handling are finding themselves racing to keep up with demands for ever-faster delivery.

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MHI and the College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) is accepting proposals for material handling and logistics focused research projects to be conducted by academic institutions. MHI and CICMHE have allocated up to $100,000 to fund three types of research proposals with each type meeting the needs of faculty at different points in their professional careers.

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The Crane Manufacturers Association of America  (CMAA) has launched an illustrated video demonstrating how CMAA members distinguish themselves in the areas of standards development, best practices, and level of expertise when solving overhead material handling applications.  

The video also highlights key reasons facilities continue to rely on the long-standing experience of CMAA members when developing plans for the workplace and closely matching products and systems to the job being performed.  

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The Board of Directors of the Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (MHEFI) recently announced its 2014-2015 Scholarship Winners. A total of $174,114 in scholarships were issued, a 28% increase from the previous year.

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Are you making the best use of your manufacturing and warehouse space? A leading manufacturer was able to increase workspace and storage capacity without exceeding their established blueprint. The secret was a mezzanine solution.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/optimizing-space-leads-to-increased-manufacturing-and-supply-chain-capabilities/ to view the full article online.

Whether you are just starting your career or have been in management for years, most successful working relationships require the same thing: quality communication.  Mary Schaefer, former HR manager, coach, trainer and consultant offers expertise through her recent MHI Young Professionals Network webinar, How to Make Your Relationship with Your Boss Work for You.

Visit http://s354933259.onlinehome.us/mhi-blog/how-to-make-your-relationship-with-your-boss-work-for-you/ to view the full article online.

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