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In addition to MODEX’s 800 exhibits, the MODEX Supply Chain Conference will include nearly 150 complimentary educational sessions outlining leading trends, best practices and state-of-the-art equipment and technology solutions. MODEX is partnering with Supply Chain & Transportation USA to deliver this one-of-a-kind, end-to-end supply chain educational experience.
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Material handling equipment new orders grew 7.0% in 2013 and are forecasted to grow 8.5% or more in 2014 and 12.0% in 2015, according to the latest Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing Forecast (MHEM) released by MHI.

"We are optimistic about future outcomes and expect economic fundamentals to favorably support MHEM expansion through 2014 and 2015," says Hal Vandiver, MHI executive consultant.
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MHI announces its 2014-2015 Board of Governors. The Board of Governors consists of the Officers and Board Governors of MHI plus the Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel of the corporation. The Board of Governors serves as the Board of Directors for MHI.
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The ProMat 2015 exhibit space draw, held December 10 in Chicago, attracted 400 exhibitors who reserved a first-day record of 240,000 net square feet of show floor space at the Industry’s premier U.S. event. 

This record amount of space reserved represents 76 percent of the ProMat show floor and is a clear message that the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry is healthy and growing. Hyster® and Yale® selected the first booths of the draw.
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Make plans to join over 2,000 industry peers and customers from 30 states and 9 countries in Atlanta on March 18 & 19 at the 2014 Georgia Logistics Summit.  The Summit program delivers a wide range of leading shippers and logistics experts discussing topics critical to your business.  In its 6th year, the Summit has widely established itself as a powerful networking event designed with ample opportunities to really connect with the other attendees.

If you are attending MODEX, the Summit takes place right upstairs in the same venue! With only a $50 registration, it is an affordable complement to your visit to Atlanta!

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Logistics Summit & Expo is a leading material handling expo in Mexico and Central America. The event is held April 2-3, 2014 in Centro Banamex, Mexico.
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The products we use every day come to us in all different types of packaging. For example, you buy cookies and crackers in boxes from the supermarket. But, if you purchase them from a vending machine, they will come in a small pouch.

The manufacturers of these goods don’t always want to invest in all of the different equipment needed to make the wide variety of packaging for their products, so they hire companies like Ryder to do it for them.

See how one facility packages crackers, cookies, macaroni in a variety of different formats.
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Naylor, LLC
The Applied Ergonomics Conference 2014 committee is presenting fa ree webinar to provide training on emerging issues and trends in ergonomics as well as preview the valuable ergo solutions that will be presented at the conference in Orlando, March 24-27, 2014.
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Are any of your colleagues looking for new transportation or logistics services for their freight?

If so, refer them to attend Supply Chain & Transportation USA (collocated with MODEX 2014) to gain access to a one-stop source for Global Logistics Solutions.

Meet world-class providers presenting the latest innovations and integrated solutions for shipping goods and freight in four solution centers including:

--Transportation & Logistics Services
--Technologies & Information Systems
--Logistics Infrastructure & Industrial Real Estate
--ECO Transportation & Logistics

Foster collaboration between departments within your organization and refer your colleagues today.
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Banneker Industries, a Rhode Island based 3PL, can.

I think we can all agree that bringing up a new site fast brings with it lots of benefits: shortened time to value, happier customers and project sponsors. Now we are starting to hear that fast, or faster, deployment of a fully operational site is a competitive edge and may even be critical in a 3PL winning new business.  One of the major barriers to a faster deployment of a fully operational site is the implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS). Let’s explore the WMS factors further.
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