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As pressure ramps up on companies to cut their carbon footprints, more businesses are looking to the circular economy business model, a sustainability approach that focuses on decoupling economic growth from resource consumption. For companies that are serious about meeting their net-zero emissions goals, it might be time to start thinking circular.
Learn about the circular economy in this MHI Solutions infographic that tells you the story — by the numbers.
Cimcorp’s bakery automation = your recipe for success!
Cimcorp's bakery order fulfillment solution blends cutting-edge robotics with industry expertise, enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and guaranteeing store-friendly deliveries. Customizable and scalable, it adapts to changing bakery environments, supporting seasonal demands and growth. Trusted by renowned bakeries worldwide, it ensures product quality, hygiene, and 100% order accuracy, vital in the baking industry. Cimcorp offers a comprehensive package of automation, software, and guidance to revolutionize your bakery's supply chain.
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The infographic serves to inform readers of key facts and information about the scan, label, apply, and manifest areas of the last 100 feet of fulfillment.
Many warehouses today have a goal of doing all they can in their existing space — a sometimes difficult objective in an era of rapid expansion. In most cases, this comes down to maximizing their facility’s cube, either for increased throughput or higher capacity. This can mean building storage racking higher. It can also mean leveraging existing rack structures and converting them to pick modules or rack supported platforms.
Pflow Industries, Inc.
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Technology and Innovation
When companies introduce new automation and digital technology into their supply chains, they anticipate it will provide benefits like lower costs and increased production. But they’re also concerned about the potential for business disruption during transition. 
With operations increasingly unable to staff adequate labor to achieve their goals for higher throughput and productivity, more companies are turning to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These intelligent mobility platforms help warehouse operators automate various tasks—especially the movement of goods—in an efficient, cost effective, safe and collaborative manner with minimal human intervention.
Faster, Safer, Easier Material Handling
From moving boxes and bags to container unloading, TAWI offers smart solutions for material handling. Whether you manage a distribution center or a mid-stream manufacturing process; material handling challenges exist everywhere. Commonly these include concerns of ergonomics, efficiency, and employee enablement. TAWI’s innovative vacuum lifting technologies remove the need for strength, allowing anyone to handle product, faster, safer, and easier from inbound freight to outbound order picking.
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Automation technology and intralogistics equipment must prioritize sustainability to ensure that their design, construction, and operation have minimal negative impact on the environment while promoting long-term resource availability. Achieving this goal involves reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and using environmentally friendly materials.
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Education & Professional Development
From labor and data challenges to the explosive growth of e-commerce, no topic is off the table at the 2023 WERC Annual Conference — June 4-7 in Orlando. Attending puts you in the same room with front-line innovators, thought leaders and industry peers who have found new ways to thrive amid this disruption.
Learn more about how to stay up-to-date with the latest sustainability practices by downloading the 2023 MHI Annual Industry Report: “The Responsible Supply Chain: Transparency, Sustainability, and the Case for Business” and follow along with the report video series.
Understanding Why Sustainable Packaging Means Good Business
Tension Corporation®
Doing the right thing for our environment can carry benefits beyond corporate stewardship. When it comes to sustainable packaging solutions for your eCommerce and order fulfillment operations, there could be a boon (beyond planet care) that involves your bottom line. Download our fact sheet for a quick glance at the “why’s” behind the financial opportunities of sustainable business practices
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Supply Chain Trends
Requiring a closed-loop planning approach utilizing a fully automated technology platform, autonomously integrated systems have the ability to oversee and control supply chains from end to end, using data and technology to plan even before orders are placed. This approach is increasingly being embraced as a solution to augment the ongoing worker shortage.
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NORD Gear Corporation
Connection through commonalities is the linchpin of belonging, which is why companies seeking to foster a more inclusive business culture increasingly support the creation of employee resource groups (ERGs) among their ranks. 
In today’s fast-paced supply chain industry, forklifts play a crucial role in moving heavy materials safely and efficiently. Up until now, most forklifts lacked one major piece of security equipment: the security camera. 
Although automation is increasingly appearing throughout supply chains, hand laborers and material movers performing manual tasks still fill the majority of warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment jobs. Whether using automation or not, creating a safer handling environment is imperative in order to reduce the risk of worker injury. Here we explore four manual work practices that operations can change to do just that.