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MHI's new docuseries spotlighting the unique value and tech-forward supply chain jobs can now be viewed on Amazon's streaming service. The “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries is comprised of 12, 22-minute episodes and features interviews from industry leaders, as well as from academics, educators, current college students and others working in the field. They provide their insights on the future of supply chain jobs and the technology that will support them.
For ten years, MHI and Deloitte have collaborated on a series of annual reports on the state of supply chain innovation, trends and technology. At ProMat 2023 MHI’s John Paxton and Deloitte’s Wanda Johnson will provide a comprehensive overview of future trends in the supply chain industry during a keynote panel unveiling the 2023 MHI Annual Industry Report: The Responsible Supply Chain – Transparency, Sustainability and the Case for Business.
Cimcorp’s bakery automation = your recipe for success!
Cimcorp's bakery order fulfillment solution blends cutting-edge robotics with industry expertise, enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and guaranteeing store-friendly deliveries. Customizable and scalable, it adapts to changing bakery environments, supporting seasonal demands and growth. Trusted by renowned bakeries worldwide, it ensures product quality, hygiene, and 100% order accuracy, vital in the baking industry. Cimcorp offers a comprehensive package of automation, software, and guidance to revolutionize your bakery's supply chain.
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After receiving 156 submissions for the 2023 MHI Innovation Awards from ProMat 2023 exhibitors, MHI announces the four finalists chosen as the most innovative products in each category - Best New Innovation; Best Innovation of an Existing Product; and Best IT Innovation based on concept, value, and impact. 
Longevity certainly describes the career of ProMat keynote Ron Howard. This popular actor and director made his stage debut when just 18 months old. Despite growing up on TV sets, Howard never lost his thrill for the entertainment business. Today, at age 68, Howard continues to pursue the creative projects that inspire him–even when he bangs into roadblocks.
Getting more women into leadership roles is what motivates ProMat keynote Michelle Dilley. As the CEO of AWESOME, an organization that brings together senior women leaders in the supply chain industry, Dilley is keenly aware of the obstacles females face when trying to reach upper levels of management.
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The Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC) announces the availability of the survey for which the 2023 DC Measures Annual Report will be based. DC Measures has been a powerful tool used by thousands of distribution logistics professionals to assess and improve their warehouse and distribution center performance. 
A manufacturing or distribution operation that’s short on space should consider adding overhead lifting equipment to optimize an existing structure’s available square footage while simultaneously improving workflow.
Technology and Innovation
One of the key takeaways for companies operating disrupted supply chains during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic (and its aftermath) was how imperative it had become to gain visibility throughout multiple tiers of suppliers—specifically their inbound deliveries. By gaining a more precise view of where a product was enroute, not to mention its component parts and the raw materials used to make them, organizations could react more quickly to receiving delays and coordinate a response to help ultimately deliver orders to the end customer.
Faster, Safer, Easier Material Handling
From moving boxes and bags to container unloading, TAWI offers smart solutions for material handling. Whether you manage a distribution center or a mid-stream manufacturing process; material handling challenges exist everywhere. Commonly these include concerns of ergonomics, efficiency, and employee enablement. TAWI’s innovative vacuum lifting technologies remove the need for strength, allowing anyone to handle product, faster, safer, and easier from inbound freight to outbound order picking.
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Mobile automation (MA) is exploding and it’s tempting to jump in and give it a try. But first, there are four chief hurdles to implementation that you need to address. Having the desire to add MA is one thing; not having a good grasp of how to go about it is another. Here are the four hurdles to MA.
BASF Corporation
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Between labor shortages, rising costs, supply chain problems, and surging demand from customers, it can seem like an impossible task for warehouse and distribution centers to keep up with demand and get ahead. Fortunately, there are a few simple, cost-effective ways to maximize operational performance, and actually gain competitive edge in the marketplace. Talk to our wireless data collection, RFID and bar code solutions experts at PROMAT 2023.
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Supply Chain Trends
Cybersecurity is a growing concern for manufacturers, suppliers, transportation providers and others who share data in the digital supply chain. Traditional anti-virus and firewall software can’t provide the necessary defense against these threats; it takes a more robust, 24/7 cybersecurity program and experienced, knowledgeable personnel to address them. Today, many businesses that don’t have the manpower, the knowledge or the financial resources to mount this kind of defense are relying on providers of cybersecurity as a service.
The digital supply chain has brought new efficiencies and strengthened connectivity among partners. For companies to remain competitive today, engaging in the digital supply chain simply cannot be avoided.
However, the digital supply chain also has brought an array of fresh challenges, including a heightened risk for cyberattacks. 
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The inability to hire and retain quality workers can be a hidden cost of poor leadership. To help you develop leadership skills within your company, MHI has powered a new Leadership Program to help you connect with industry peers, gain a broader perspective of the supply chain and material handling industry, and grow leadership skills and expertise. The program is a blended, multi-week program that provides a learning and growth community to connect and network with peers while learning from experts and senior industry leaders. The next session starts March 2. 
Core values are a big buzzword in business today. They can be very powerful—but not if they’re just a phrase on a plaque or piece of artwork in the conference room. At Steele Solutions, our core values guide what we do every day. They’ve helped us deliver more value to our customers by identifying what’s most important and incorporating it. Validation came in 2022 when we were honored with a Best Places to Work award by the Milwaukee Business Journal.
With increasing inventory and the rapid adoption of warehouse automation, it might seem complicated to acquire the right distribution logistics technical skills for your team. However, WERC, a professional organization dedicated to warehousing, distribution and fulfillment within the supply chain, has simplified the process. Available now, its distribution logistics course provides a convenient online format for learning the relevant fundamentals.
Adding protective guarding for pallet racks, offered in a variety of systems and devices, safeguards both racks and personnel. If not incorporated during installation, they can be a retrofit to an existing pallet rack system.