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A defined digital strategy leads to more streamlined and more efficient supply chains that take advantage of automation and other emerging technologies. However, these supply chain efficiencies and cybersecurity are closely intertwined. While increased reliance on technology brings numerous benefits, it also brings new priorities and requires action to mitigate cybersecurity risks as more and more data is connected and shared between employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.
Cimcorp’s bakery automation = your recipe for success!
Cimcorp's bakery order fulfillment solution blends cutting-edge robotics with industry expertise, enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and guaranteeing store-friendly deliveries. Customizable and scalable, it adapts to changing bakery environments, supporting seasonal demands and growth. Trusted by renowned bakeries worldwide, it ensures product quality, hygiene, and 100% order accuracy, vital in the baking industry. Cimcorp offers a comprehensive package of automation, software, and guidance to revolutionize your bakery's supply chain.
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Urgency is the default state of being for ProMat keynote speaker José Andrés. His humanitarian organization, World Central Kitchen (WCK), serves meals on such frontlines as the Australian bushfires, the Kentucky tornadoes, and the war in Ukraine. Demonstrating Andrés’ sense of immediacy, WCK began providing food to Ukrainians just one day after Russia invaded the country.
MHI has developed the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries comprised of 12, 22-minute episodes featuring interviews from industry leaders, as well as from academics, educators, current college students and others working in the field. They provide their insights on the future of supply chain jobs and the technology that will support them.
The Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) announces the availability of a new warehousing e-learning course, called Distribution Logistics Fundamentals. The Distribution Logistics Fundamentals course will introduce different types of facilities, functions and roles within the warehouse or distribution center, future trends, and the role of warehousing within the greater supply chain.
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The Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC) announces the availability of the survey for which the 2023 DC Measures Annual Report will be based. For more than 15 years, DC Measures has been  a powerful tool used by thousands of distribution logistics professionals to assess and improve their warehouse and distribution center performance.
Technology and Innovation
When the premier manufacturing and supply chain trade event of 2023, ProMat, returns to Chicago on March 20 it will include 1,000 exhibits from leading solution providers and a comprehensive Educational Conference of over 150 sessions focusing on best-in-class solutions for manufacturing and supply chain operations. ProMat exhibits will represent all segments of the material handling, logistics and transportation industry, from traditional, manual equipment to computerized, automated systems and smart, connected supply chain technologies.
Digitalization is driven by eco-conscious yet hyper-connected consumers. These new-age consumers want novel experiences and innovative products that meet their needs. Additionally, they want their products delivered safely and as quickly as possible. Automation is the key to achieving this and virtual visualization, simulation, and analysis play a critical role in a successfully functional automated warehouse.
Deploying one or more overhead lifting solution can significantly reduce operating costs in a variety of ways. These customized systems can match a broad range of product handling needs within a warehousing or manufacturing facility to ensure optimized operational productivity and greater process efficiency. The result? A positive impact across five key cost centers.
As you embark on your new racking project, you’ll have many partner choices to sift through. This could be a long-term relationship and one that serves to optimize your operations if carried out successfully. Due diligence is essential before signing any dotted lines.
Faster, Safer, Easier Material Handling
From moving boxes and bags to container unloading, TAWI offers smart solutions for material handling. Whether you manage a distribution center or a mid-stream manufacturing process; material handling challenges exist everywhere. Commonly these include concerns of ergonomics, efficiency, and employee enablement. TAWI’s innovative vacuum lifting technologies remove the need for strength, allowing anyone to handle product, faster, safer, and easier from inbound freight to outbound order picking.
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BASF Corporation
MHI is launching a new Industry Group, the Advanced Energy Council (AEC), focused on advanced energy solutions including lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and other technologies and accessories.
Ascent Warehouse Logistics Doubles Productivity with Less Workers
Intek Integration Technologies, Inc.®
Ascent Warehouse Logistics creates and implements automated warehouse solutions. Ascent upgrades warehouse performance by reviewing current baselines, identifying and quantifying areas of concern, and proposing cost effective solutions. By leveraging the expertise of both Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software and hardware material handling solutions and automation.
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Supply Chain Trends
This episode of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries examines how structuring supply chains that can successfully withstand any disruption is one of the most exciting and meaningful projects that industry professionals are working on today. This episode examines why the decisions they make will have a massive impact on the supply chain tech and jobs of tomorrow.
An effective cycle counting system will give you confidence going forward that you won’t run into production bottlenecks or hurt customer satisfaction due to excessive backorders.
Trying to design the perfect picking cart on your own can be extremely difficult. Working with a manufacturer to create a custom cart is a great option, allowing you to create the perfect picking cart to fit your specific needs.
Generix Group
Watch the “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries episode on How to Win Culture and Influence People that showcases thought leaders from companies with strong cultures as they detail the hard work behind making the workplace fun and why developing a winning culture requires continuous monitoring and ongoing improvements. Plus, a recent college graduate shares the importance of culture in the age of remote work from a young employee perspective.
For operations looking to move away from exclusively using human power to handle individual items and containers in warehousing and fulfillment operations, there are a variety of recommendations for the selection of — and guidelines for the safe use of — ergonomic material handling equipment.