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MHI’s 900 member companies are the leading providers of material handling and supply chain solutions. Learn more about them and the solutions they offer as well as the many additional resources MHI provides through our industry-leading content, programming and events. This guide provides information on:

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Secure freshness fast with Cimcorp’s intralogistics solution for grocery retail!
Cimcorp is changing the game and securing freshness for your business with our grocery retail intralogistics solution. With the ability to streamline operations, speed up delivery, and curate a solution that goes hand-in-hand with your supply chain strategy, Cimcorp is here to serve! Our intralogistics solution operates on the foundation of being fast and adaptive, fulfilling orders accurately, optimal traceability of product flows, fast return on investment, high hygienic standards, and a user-friendly system.   
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MHI recently launched the MHI Industry Leadership Podcast. This podcast provides news and information on MHI Industry Groups and their programs for manufacturing and supply chain professionals.
MODEX 2024 will be held March 11-14 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. MODEX is the largest international supply chain expo, bringing together solution providers who demonstrate the full spectrum of equipment, technology, systems and services for manufacturing, supply chain and transportation operations. 
Space is always at a premium, especially in warehouses, distribution, and fulfillment centers. With trends like micro fulfillment continuing to grow and e-commerce demand still high, maximizing your facility footprint is becoming crucial. In this podcast, two members of SMA discuss how you can maximize your facility footprint.
Pflow Industries, Inc.
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
In this podcast two members of the ProGMA Industry Group talk about the wide array of tools and information they have about protective guarding equipment.
Fire protection plays into every aspect of your operations, and your racking systems are no exception. Here are the top five factors to keep your racking as resistant as possible to fire and smoke damage.
Technology and Innovation
Digital supply chains have brought with them fresh and uniquely dangerous security risks for companies to monitor and manage. Risk management practices must evolve to meet a new set of serious risks.
In a world where the labor force is shrinking and automation is thus becoming increasingly important, operations that have never considered mobile automation are now taking a closer look. But even with faster return on investment than ever before, financing automation can feel like a budget killer. But it doesn’t have to be—by getting creative, you can justify the investment.
When the doors are open
Berner International Corporation®
Are your clients looking to protect their shipping and receiving areas from flying insects and summer heat? Berner Industrial Air Curtains support Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Food Processors with chemical-free flying insect control.  When the doors are open, maintain interior temperatures, protect products, and save energy while goods are transferred through the doorway.  Simple to install, operate, and maintain.  Made in USA.
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BASF Corporation
Supply chain transparency may be the buzzword of the day, but determining if your suppliers are helping or hurting your drive to net-zero and other business sustainability goals is easier said than done. New supply chain mapping and monitoring tools are helping crack the code.
Ascent Warehouse Logistics Doubles Productivity with Less Workers
Intek Integration Technologies, Inc.®
Ascent Warehouse Logistics creates and implements automated warehouse solutions. Ascent upgrades warehouse performance by reviewing current baselines, identifying and quantifying areas of concern, and proposing cost effective solutions. By leveraging the expertise of both Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software and hardware material handling solutions and automation.
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In the current labor market, time slippage means lost dollars, missed service, and the inability to grow your business.
According to Liberty Mutual’s 2021 Workplace Safety Index, the top 10 causes of the most disabling injuries on the job cost U.S. employers more than $1 billion per week. Among those 10, three represent the type of tasks associated with manual material handling in manufacturing, wholesale, transportation, and warehousing.
Overhead solution manufacturers are increasingly offering more digital solutions, and by leveraging the data generated by crane and hoist systems, you can can enhance both safety and productivity within your overhead lifting processes.