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Twenty years ago, when the internet was still in its early growth stage, it was hard to imagine the way it would change the world. Today we’re seeing a similar phenomenon with the emergence of the metaverse—an immersive, virtual reality, interconnected, digital environment. Just like the internet, the metaverse is likely to transform the way that we live, interact, learn, play and/or do business. And, it will have a big impact on supply chains.
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The Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) recently announced the availability of the 2022 DC Measures report. DC Measures captures 36 key operational metrics for warehouse and distribution center operations. The metrics are grouped into five balanced sets—customer, financial, capacity/quality, employee and perfect order index metrics—plus the additional sets related to cash-to-cash cycle measurement.
The revised American National Standard for storage rack, ANSI MH16-1-2021, published by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), includes new requirements for calculating the load capacity for a pallet rack application.
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The labor shortage is impacting every level of business, from the warehouse floor operator on up to the C-suite. The result is that organizations are embracing all types of technology to help improve warehouse labor productivity. From advanced software to robotics and everything in between, this progression has big advantages.
Like the brakes on a car—which slow, stop and hold the vehicle in place as its motor continues to run—so too must an overhead crane be equipped with bridge and trolley brakes for safe load handling.
Technology and Innovation
Forward-leaning organizations are exploring how 5G and edge computing technologies can impact their supply chains. A recent Deloitte study showed 76% of executives surveyed believe 5G will become the most critical network technology within the next three years.
A lot is happening and changing in mobile automation, with emerging technologies bringing even greater value to warehouse managers and new products coming to market. Just a few short years ago it was unique to see a mobile robot in a warehouse, but it’s not so unique anymore.
Of the hundreds of transformative, game changing technologies jam-packed across each and every aisle at MODEX, three supply chain and material handling solutions stood out among the 121 entries to MHI’s 10th Annual Innovation Awards competition. Top honors went to Phantom Auto for Best New Product, Ancra Systems BV for Best Innovation of an Existing Product and Veryable for Best IT Innovation. Learn their stories.
Storage is an ever-changing challenge and commodity in almost all industries. Cantilever shelving omits the front uprights, so the shelves are only attached at the back of the unit. This has various benefits including maximization of shelf and floor space, flexible configuration and increased worker safety.
When the doors are open
Berner International Corporation®
Are your clients looking to protect their shipping and receiving areas from flying insects and summer heat? Berner Industrial Air Curtains support Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Food Processors with chemical-free flying insect control.  When the doors are open, maintain interior temperatures, protect products, and save energy while goods are transferred through the doorway.  Simple to install, operate, and maintain.  Made in USA.
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Education & Professional Development
When MODEX 2022 overlapped with spring break week, a MODEX exhibitor engaged his son in their version of “Take Your Kid To Work Day: Tradeshow Edition.” MODEX was not only a first chance to see a big range of material handling equipment and technologies, but also it was the first ever tradeshow or exposition of any kind he had ever attended.
Ascent Warehouse Logistics Doubles Productivity with Less Workers
Intek Integration Technologies, Inc.®
Ascent Warehouse Logistics creates and implements automated warehouse solutions. Ascent upgrades warehouse performance by reviewing current baselines, identifying and quantifying areas of concern, and proposing cost effective solutions. By leveraging the expertise of both Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software and hardware material handling solutions and automation.
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Supply Chain Trends
Ongoing disruption to supply chains is fueling record investments in technology. In fact, nearly 80% of supply chain leaders saying their digital transformation has accelerated due to the pandemic, according to the 2022 MHI Annual Industry Report. Investing in these tools and technologies is imperative to drive transparent and resilient digital supply chains.
The effects of COVID-19 are palpable and front-of-mind for many in the industry: it has exacerbated the labor shortage, caused material and finished goods scarcity, shifted customer demands with increased e-commerce sales, and created general uncertainty. For many, making projections on sales and operational needs has been greatly complicated—it’s nearly impossible to know how long any of these impacts will last. That’s where automation and digital solutions step in.
From EaaS to PaaS and SaaS to XaaS and beyond, an alphabet soup representing an array of “as a service” providers have rapidly entered the supply chain vernacular at a speed so fast that even the most knowledgeable of industry insiders have, at times, been befuddled with the smattering of consonants and vowels preceding “aaS.”
Everything from dental floss and cookware to refrigerators and sofas can be bought online now. This has made pickers' jobs more physically demanding as they select items across a huge range of shapes, sizes and weights to fill orders. As the types of products handled by pickers have shifted, so too have the designs of ergonomic lift assist equipment and the end effectors they use to connect the lifting device to the load.
Is fear keeping your company from achieving, or exceeding, its goals? If you don’t have psychologically safe work environments across your organization, then it probably is.