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Ongoing supply chain disruptions have highlighted the need for more data sharing among supply chain partners. Implementing interoperability—connecting companies’ computerized and automated systems to expedite information exchange—is one way to accomplish it.
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MHI Updates
Until SLAM got underway at the beginning of 2022, no MHI Industry Group specifically sought to optimize what practitioners sometimes call the “last 100 feet” in warehousing, distribution and fulfillment applications. SLAM—an acronym for Scan, Label, Apply and Manifest—now targets expertise regarding this critical supply chain component.
The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) recently announced the launch of the new DC Measures Benchmarking Tool. This new digital resource is designed to help practitioners, 3PLs, and consultants leverage hard data to measure and improve operational performance for either themselves or clients.
MHI board member Annette Danek-Akey, executive vice president, supply chain for Penguin Random House, was recently named on Supply Chain Digital’s newly released “Top 100 Women in Supply Chain” 2022 list.
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With the explosion of e-commerce over the past few years, warehouses that were not set up for picking eaches must find configurations that allow picking. There are simple, less expensive solutions to product access, either as a stop-gap, or for the long term.
Because load tests confirm the ability of the crane and hoist to safely operate as intended, they must be completed whenever overhead lifting equipment is newly installed, altered, repaired or modified before being placed into service. Existing crane and hoist systems should likewise be load tested at a minimum of once every four years.
Technology and Innovation
Digital technologies and solutions are absolutely crucial for more effective management of the unexpected to improve supply chain resilience amid disruption. Unfortunately, not one of them will make a shred of difference if the data inputs each relies upon aren’t appropriately organized, accessible, easily shared and useful.
The best way to mitigate risk when evaluating new investments is through simulation and emulation. By creating a “digital twin” of your project, your potential material handling partner can ensure your new system or systems will run smoothly and efficiently, making the most of your expenditure. A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. With these virtual practice runs, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and what it can deliver.
When the doors are open
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For enterprises of all sizes, supply chain sustainability is rapidly taking on new urgency. Because companies know they can’t meet their sustainability other ESG objectives alone, they are requesting—and in some cases demanding—that suppliers get on board. And they’re hunting for tools that give them visibility into the ESG performance.
Supply Chain Trends
In today’s consumer goods industry, everything but the products themselves is substantially larger than just a few short years ago, including sales figures, profits, retail prices, supply chain disruptions and costs for raw materials, labor, transportation and warehousing. The numbers prove that bigger isn’t always better, but as a whole, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry can expect 2022 to be another year of strong financial performance.
The rise of the digital supply chain has brought countless new opportunities and efficiencies for companies, helping them evolve to meet the modern customers’ demanding expectations for speed and service. However, the digital supply chain also has brought with it fresh and uniquely dangerous security risks for companies to monitor and manage.
Although most often associated with financial transactions, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies also offer capabilities to support business operations—including the complex data sharing requirements of the supply chain.
The interconnected nature of digital supply chain systems also increases the attack surface for potential malicious activity. As cyber-physical systems continue to evolve, the threats associated with malicious attacks are not limited to information technology resources but they increasingly target operational technology resources with attacks that impact the physical assets of a system.
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Ascent Warehouse Logistics creates and implements automated warehouse solutions. Ascent upgrades warehouse performance by reviewing current baselines, identifying and quantifying areas of concern, and proposing cost effective solutions. By leveraging the expertise of both Intek and Minerva Associates, Ascent Warehouse Logistics delivers comprehensive software and hardware material handling solutions and automation.
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Microaggressions are the everyday, subtle comments or actions that communicate negative, derogatory, offensive or insulting attitudes toward socially or culturally marginalized groups. While microaggressions can be deliberate, most of the time they are unintentional.
Global Trade
The outbreak of the COVID pandemic has created chaos over the past two years. But some of the after-effects continue to linger for the economy. High inflation, high sovereign debt levels, and endemic COVID cases and variant disruptions have remained persistent parts of the economic landscape. But what comes next? Looking to the months ahead, addressing these lingering risks will be critical for the U.S. economy.