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In-person MODEX event to feature 850 exhibits, seminars and keynotes from Marriott’s Erika Alexander, Sanjay Gupta and Shaquille O’Neal.
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An intelligent lifting device (ILD) is a lift assist solution or load manipulation system that moves seamlessly and precisely with its human operator’s motion. Programmed to mimic the exact job being performed and acting as an extension of the body, ILDs enable fast, ergonomic load manipulation while increasing a worker’s lifting ability.
Ergonomics, the science that designs environments, equipment, tools and tasks within the capabilities of people to maximize productivity, efficiency and safety, has been an important and highly visible part of the material handling industry for many decades.
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Installed on elevated work platforms, pick module walkways and rack supported platforms, kickplates (also called toe boards or toe guards) protect associates working at floor level from objects that may slide or fall off the structure overhead.
MHI recently launched its Annual Industry Report survey that benchmarks supply chain challenges and technology adoption. The results of the survey will be detailed in a report released during a keynote at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta. Please provide your feedback. 
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As it turns out, handling that uptick in in-store fulfillment has proven to be every bit as challenging to retailers as managing the tremendous upswing in direct-to-consumer parcel shipments from distribution centers. To address the difficulties associated with filling orders directly from store shelves, more retailers are reconsidering their traditional brick-and-mortar footprint by implementing automation at the store level to satisfy the increase in demand for curbside convenience.
As augmented reality becomes more common in supply chain settings, material handling professionals are using it as a tool to improve customer experience.
When the doors are open
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Are your clients looking to protect their shipping and receiving areas from flying insects and summer heat? Berner Industrial Air Curtains support Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Food Processors with chemical-free flying insect control.  When the doors are open, maintain interior temperatures, protect products, and save energy while goods are transferred through the doorway.  Simple to install, operate, and maintain.  Made in USA.
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Supply Chain Trends
As it turns out, supply chain disruptions may be the biggest global shift in the post-COVID-19 “new normal.” To help supply chain managers increase their operations’ agility and flexibility in the face of the unexpected, members of MHI’s Solutions Community developed a list of six strategies that organizations can take to bolster their resilience.
Order picker platforms are used to put, pick and stage in-fulfillment operations. When product arrives, goods are received and placed onto the platforms. Order picker platforms are also used in conjunction with an order picker machine to raise up into a mezzanine and easily pull products from the shelves to stage them for shipping.
The first years of this decade have brought change in ways that we could not have imagined and the impacts are being felt from the entry level all the way up to director and board level workers. Companies are paying more attention to ESG and are preparing to make big changes to the workforce in the future.
Like virtually every other sector of the U.S. economy, 2020 was extremely difficult for the U.S. auto industry. Automotive industry analysts at Seraph say sales were down 14.7% in 2020. The industry rebounded, however, and was up 32% in the first half of 2021. Needless to say, that whiplash led to its own problems: product shortages and an inability to keep up.
Modern Materials Handling paired with WERC, MHI & MHEDA for our first benchmark supply chain diversity study, How Does Your Supply Chain Diversity Measure Up.