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Competitive advantage through AI, IoT and robotics is increasingly within reach for more supply chain companies.
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The Raymond Corporation
It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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MHI Updates
This September, the Overhead Alliance of MHI will hold a comprehensive Overhead Lifting Safety Webinar Series including presentations and Q&A from industry experts along with a resource guide for overhead lifting. If you are involved in safety, operations or plant maintenance and your management includes overhead lifting cranes and hoists, make plans to attend this important virtual event
MHI’s Industry Group, Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM), has recently published Casters, Wheels and Accessories Guide 101 to help you learn everything you need to know about casters and wheels. The document details everything from different caster types, configurations, brake and locking mechanisms, to wheel types and accessories.
J-tec Industries
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
The Crane Manufacturer’s Association of America (CMAA) Industry Group of MHI is pleased to announce that they’ve published updates to two specifications for overhead cranes: “CMAA Specification 70 - 2020 - Multiple Girder Cranes” and “CMAA Specification 74 - 2020 - Single Girder Cranes.”
Technology and Innovation
As the supply chain continues to move forward and into Industry 4.0 with advancements in automation, data is becoming increasingly important. Before implementing automated solutions, data must first be gathered on existing processes. But from where does this additional data come? Most solutions now come with sensors installed that are compatible with third-party sensors that can be leveraged to improve current processes such as tracking.
COVID-19 has had many of us accepting a new norm. According to a recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan, the US and China supply chain and material handling industry is already adapting and, upon recovery mode, recovery time will be faster than other countries due to their strong position on technology development and adoption of warehouse automation solutions. In fact, the global warehouse automation market is expected to double in size expanding from $14 billion in 2019 to $27.2 billion by 2025. 
Robots have become a common addition to the DC. Not only are they now more affordable, but they also allow you to increase the flexibility of your operation, which can be a huge advantage. They are also being seen more often in distribution centers where smaller direct-to-consumer shipments are processed..
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Berner International Corporation
Berner Industrial Air Curtains: Maintain temperatures, keep out flying insects, protect perishables, de-stratify the air. Made in U.S.A., we make it easy to reliably give your customer an energy saving solution for the Shipping & Receiving doors.  Berner air curtains are engineered to perform, built to last, and are simple to install, operate, & maintain.
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Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.
Lean Factory America, LLC
University of Wisconsin-Platteville Online
UW-Platteville Online®
Earn a 100% online master’s degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management. Round out your degree based on career aspirations and earn graduate credit with professional credentials. 
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Supply Chain Trends
The talent gap has long been a top concern in our industry and MHI’s 2020 Annual Industry Report aims to address this holistically focusing on the areas of digital adoption, workplace culture, continuous learning and re-skilling. This video episode focuses on the relationship between supply chain talent and technology and how companies can leverage each to make gains with the other.
The Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee recently released white paper, "End to End Supply Chain Synchronization, Orchestrating a Winning Strategy." The study speaks to the fact that leading companies have implemented and continue to implement many impactful end-to-end supply chain practices over the past few decades but despite the progress and improvement in performance brought by these initiatives, many executives and supply chain leaders recognize a struggle to sync efforts with company goals and overall business strategy.
For a long time, the robotics industry couldn’t avoid criticism that its products were replacing human workers, but public sentiment is shifting now that the coronavirus pandemic has brought much of the global economy to a screeching halt. Social distancing makes it challenging to fully staff manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers, and robots are helping to pick up the slack.
Once upon a time—yet merely weeks ago—chasing technological trends and making investments in innovation were considered discretionary to attaining a competitive edge in business. How times have changed—in rapid fashion, no less. In a matter of days, once elective technology practices are seemingly trending to be more and more compulsory to attain viability in light of the novel coronavirus and its far-reaching impacts.
Stanbury Electrical Engineering LLC
CNBC released a list of 50 disruptor companies of 2020 that identifies private companies whose breakthroughs are having a strong and accelerated impact on business and market competition. The 50 companies selected have thrived during COVID-19 and have adapted to and influenced changing ideas in cybersecurity, education, health IT, logistics, agriculture and more. Most of these companies are billion dollar businesses growing strong and adding new employees since the pandemic.
Supply chain is the industry that moves and connects the world. No other career gives you visibility into end to end product life cycle and connects you to all aspects of business operations. One way MHI introduces the next generation to the opportunities of supply chain careers is at our annual Student Days event which brings hundreds of students from across the country to the largest supply chain shows in North and South America, ProMat and MODEX. View the MHI view on this important program.