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The 2019 MHI Annual Industry Report includes a digital adoption framework with four stages of adoption. This episode of MHI’s four-part report video series focuses on the second stage of digital adoption—automation. Automation leverages systems, robotics and augmenting technologies to perform repetitive, resource-intensive tasks. The goal is to optimize operations for speed, reliability and safety.
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It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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Computer-controlled and battery-powered, automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems navigate inside a manufacturing facility or warehouse or outside on paved surfaces to automate material movement. More importantly, they do this safely. Their implementation also yields significant reductions in damage to products, building structures and other equipment.
Worker safety is a top priority for companies. In addition to keeping costs low and complying with national standards, workers who work safe are happier, healthier and more productive. A safe facility features many different solutions, but an essential part of your safety solution is protective guarding. Not only does protective guarding keep people safe, but it also prevents damages to product, which will save you money.
Each facility, whether is it focused on manufacturing, distibution, storage or repair, is host to unique challenges. Industrial scissors lifts optimize the interface between people, equipment and materials within a facility. They offer three key benefits including productivity gains, workforce optimization and a safer work environment.
On September 18, the Storage Manufacturers Association will present a webinar, Taking Warehouse Efficiency to New Heights with Mezzanines and Shelving Systems. In this webinar you will learn how to successfully meet standards and ensure storage safety to increase productivity and boost the bottom line.
At ProMat 2019, held this past April in Chicago, members of RMI presented a free, on-floor seminar to attendees. Entitled “Storage Rack Safety 101,” the 35-minute session’s slides and audio were recorded for those who were unable to attend, or who wish to review the presentation.
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ProMat 2019 was a huge success where attendees from over 115 countries flocked to discover the latest solutions to move their business forward. Over 1,000 of the industry’s leading innovators showcased their latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment. In case you missed it or need a refresher, members of the MHI Solution Community are hosting a free webinar on September 11 that will recap new innovations in the warehouse and distribution industry introduced at ProMat 2019. These new innovations include new equipment, software and component innovations.
With supply chains continuously taxed to meet the item variety and same-day delivery demands from consumers—particularly those in e-commerce—more operations are considering investments in the latest automation technologies with an eye toward streamlined processes and increased capacity. But woe to the operations manager who signs off on an expensive project that doesn’t produce the anticipated results. At least, that’s how it used to be.
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Keep it cozy this winter with Berner Air Curtains. Do your clients struggle with keeping costs down and productivity up when it’s cold outside? Learn how Royal Wine in New Jersey saves energy and provides warmer working conditions in the shipping area of their food processing and distribution center using Berner.
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As the Amazon effect continues to drive customer expectations, customers must tailor their supply chains more and more to deliver on the customer experience. E-commerce operations don’t have the opportunity to reinforce brand experience in the traditional venues that brick and mortar relies on, therefore it’s more important than ever to enhance the customer experience at every touch point the consumer has with your supply chain.
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The MHI Young Professionals Network invites you to join us on September 19 to learn about how, regardless of your position, you go about influencing others. This impacts how peers, leaders and customers perceive your ability to bring others with you, and, as you take on more senior roles, influencing others becomes even more mission critical in determining your ultimate success.
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Security is essential to any business. People don’t question security precautions for the people, building or machines in an organization. But what about your data? Learn more about cybersecurity best practices and the steps you can take to secure your data and organization.
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Flooring is one key component that should be considered for optimal robotic performance on elevated platforms. Gloss, texture, wear, and the condition of the floor can all affect the ability of the robot to run at its peak operating levels.
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Lifting loads is just one-third of the function of cranes, hoists and monorails deployed in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Equally important are the safe maneuvering and precise placement of the load once it’s up in the air.
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As more and more warehouses and fulfillment operations explore opportunities to add automation to their processes, they’re also recognizing that not everyone in their current workforce possesses the skills to work with and/or maintain those systems. That’s means—as the repetitive tasks previously performed by employees shift onto the automated system—workers who are most comfortable with touchscreens, digital displays and control systems will be at an advantage over those who aren’t.
Although robotics technology already plays a significant role in the automation of distribution centers and warehouses—recent trends prompted MHI to form its newest industry group: The Robotics Group (TRG). The bulk of those trends surround the need to automate order fulfillment processes traditionally handled by a human workforce, including picking, packing, sorting and more. But with limited labor availability being experienced by distribution operations nationwide—particularly in e-commerce applications—the Group’s initial focus is on broader robotic applications that ease workforce challenges.
Workforce is a topic that is top of mind for many companies working in supply chain and material handling right now because we’re struggling to find new workers to replace our retiring ones. This issue stems from a multitude of factors: young workers tend to job hop more often; the industry is seen as ‘uncool’; awareness of available jobs is low. However, it is possible for companies to create solutions to attract new workers.
Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, has the latest data that proves, yes, company culture does have a major impact on your company’s performance. Simply put, happy people equals more revenue.