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MHI just released the Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index (DCI) online assessment tool. This tool is based on the findings of the 2019 MHI Annual Industry Report, titled “Elevating Supply Chain Digital Consciousness,” and is designed to help companies measure and gauge their progress on the journey to more digital, always-on supply chains.
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The Raymond Corporation
It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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MHI Updates
Safety has benefits far beyond moral obligation and compliance. When integrated into your operations as a key indicator of quality, safety will save money in the long-term. Taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to optimizing your facility for safety has numerous advantages. There are many indirect hidden costs to accidents on the job such as lost production by victim, time spent training replacement workers, OSHA penalties and more.
MHI has a new Industry Group, The Robotics Group, focusing on broader applications of robotics—whether it’s arms or vehicles—within the fulfillment process to ease workforce availability problems.
ProMat 2021 will feature a new Robotics and Automation Solution Center in the North Hall of McCormick Place. MHI will hold a space pre-selection for the new Robotics & Automation Solution Center that will take place July 24-25, 2019. In order to participate in this special space pre-selection event, you must submit your lease by July 17.
The Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) Industry Group of MHI announced updates to the ANSI ICWM-2018 standard in mid-July, titled “Vocabulary, Performance and Testing Requirements for Casters and Wheels.” The standard, originally released in 2004, provides manufacturers, specifiers and users with a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability, structural adequacy and technical requirements for group-specific casters and wheels.
Last-in/first-out (LIFO) pushback racking systems (like the vast majority of industrial steel storage rack systems) are designed for use with specific pallet types, loads and rack configurations. For that reason, it is critically important to ensure that operators only load the pushback system with pallets approved for use within it. Not doing so can negatively impact the system’s safety, structural integrity and smooth operation because it increases the risk of a pallet not being seated securely on the cart within its lane.
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Technology and Innovation
Ford, like many other companies, is taking a look at the future of last mile delivery. But they want to use a BIPEDAL ROBOT called Digit! The concept is pretty simple. A package is prepared at a warehouse or distribution center, Digit picks it up and moves to an autonomous vehicle. The vehicle transports to the final destination and then Digit steps back in and delivers the final 50 feet.
An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system consists of one or more computer controlled wheel-based load carriers. Typically battery powered, these systems operate on plant or warehouse floors or on paved areas outdoors without onboard human operators. Navigating using pre-defined paths, AGVs provide automated material movement, which can reduce labor and material costs, improve worker safety and reduce product and equipment damage.
When the doors are open
Berner International Corporation
Keep it cozy this winter with Berner Air Curtains. Do your clients struggle with keeping costs down and productivity up when it’s cold outside? Learn how Royal Wine in New Jersey saves energy and provides warmer working conditions in the shipping area of their food processing and distribution center using Berner.
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Karcher Industrial
Lean Factory America, LLC
Education & Professional Development
As a young professional, you are more often than not the victim of a bad meeting and not the protagonist. To help you learn to navigate those waters, the MHI Young Professionals Network invites you to join us for a webinar, “Meetings Don’t Have to Suck!” This interactive webinar on June 14, presented by Marcelino Sanchez of Agile Change, will help you improve your engagement during business meetings and create more productive dialogues with your superiors.
See it in Action: Geek+'s Newest Picking & Sorting Solutions
Geek+ America, Inc.®
Experience Geek+'s newest picking and sorting solutions LIVE at PROMAT 2023. Our picking and sorting solutions have enabled over 700 global customers – such as Nike, Walmart, DHL, and Decathlon – to maximize warehouse productivity, order accuracy, and delivery speed. Visit booths #N7307 & N7507 to see why over 700 global customers have chosen Geek+ solutions.
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Supply Chain Trends
With the emergence of e-commerce, supply chains have had to go through massive changes. Transitioning from a traditional logistics solution to a digital one is necessary to stay competitive. Fresh products like produce or flowers provide unique logistics challenges. Unlike other types of product, they cannot be stored for long periods of time and many are time or temperature sensitive. Learn how technology is helping with this logistics challenge.
Warehouse labor productivity is reportedly declining, but in reality, labor productivity is rising in most distribution centers. But U.S. government figures don’t account for the ways e-commerce is changing labor costs in the distribution center. Here’s why.
Baumfolder Corporation
HMS Industrial Networks
While competitive pressure continues to build, recruiting and retaining staff is more difficult than ever. Can you really blame the workers? They know that performing physical labor without the proper ergonomic support can have disastrous impacts on ones health and well-being. Improving ergonomic safety in your warehouse can help workers avoid injury and create a strong feeling that you care.
Rupesh Narkar offers a silver lining for parents who are sick of seeing their kids’ eyes glued to their smartphones, tablets and video games: That comfort with new technology will make them ideal candidates for the warehouse and distribution center jobs of the present and the future. So, in a sense, some of them are preparing for their careers.
MHI’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is doing everything possible to raise awareness of our industry and the opportunities it offers to the workforce of the future. But simply attracting attention—and applicants—isn’t enough to solve the workforce gap experienced by companies throughout the material handling and supply chain field. Today’s employers have to flex their creative muscles more than ever to develop and implement strategies that create and foster a workplace culture where employees not only want to work, they can’t imagine ever leaving.
Global Trade
There are more risks this year than there were at this time last year—a lot more. Trade risks, political risks, geopolitical risks and even risks to global growth have all increased. But it is important to examine these risks in context, because while there are rising risks across the global economy, the U.S. economy has shown less downside potential than other major economies. And both U.S. growth and material handling equipment manufacturing activity are still coming off a strong year and will benefit from the growth tailwinds of 2018.