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Leading manufacturing and supply chain executives agree that technology is the key to future success. As they digitize their supply chains they are generating more data than ever before, giving them the power to leverage that data to see their businesses in new ways and to make better decisions. But digitizing your supply chain can be risky. The new issue of MHI Solutions tackles this important topic with best practices and real-world examples of how leading firms are investing in technology and seeing big payoffs.
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The Raymond Corporation
It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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MHI Updates
ProMat has a proven track record of bringing the manufacturing and supply chain industry’s most influential thought-leaders and next-generation solutions together under one roof. With 1,000 exhibits, four keynotes, 100+ show floor seminars and a new solution center dedicated to emerging technologies, ProMat is your best destination for sourcing the innovative equipment and technologies you need to take your supply chain to the next level in 2019. 
MHI’s 16 Industry Groups are collectives comprised of leading manufacturers in material handling and logistics – and they are dedicated to operational safety, efficiency and innovation. They are your go-to resources to power up your supply chain by finding solutions from the leading providers.
During MODEX 2018, the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute presented a seminar to attendees entitled “Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks.” This presentation can now be viewed online and includes a high-level, visual tour of a variety of different rack styles and which racking type is both the best and safest solution for a given facility.
The Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) industry group of MHI is pleased to announce the completion and approval of ANSI ECMA 15-2018 “Cable-less Controls for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes” and ANSI ECMA 35-2018 “Electrification Systems for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes.”
ProGMA promotes the benefits, advantages and use of protective barrier and guarding equipment in the workplace. They also work collectively to create nationally accepted standards and practices to keep people and assets safe in industrial environments.
When placing loads of equal weight in storage racks, it’s important to remember that all pallets or loads are not created equal. The pallet’s bottom construction contributes greatly to whether the load is uniformly distributed or resting atop specific points. That means the distribution of the load weight can be different, depending on the type of pallet underneath it or the specific type of product being stored on the rack system.
The Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) industry group of MHI has announced that updates to two ANSI standards will be available for download at no charge. The standards are ANSI MH28.2-2018 "Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Boltless Steel Shelving" and ANSI MH28.3-2018 "Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Work Platforms." In addition, SMA and RMI have announced a new standard titled “Stairs, Ladders, and Open-Edge Guards for Use with Material Handling Structures.”
The MODEX 2020 exhibit space draw, held December in Charlotte, attracted 640 exhibitors who reserved a record 300,000 net square feet of show floor space at the Industry's premier U.S. supply chain event.
J-tec Industries
FOX IV Technologies, Inc.
Technology and Innovation
As more manufacturing and supply chain operations automate, they are contending with the challenge of charging and maintaining fleets of autonomous robots with high power needs. This new video from MHI view focuses on potential solutions to this next generation supply chain challenge.
Designed to work with humans, cobots can take over repetitive tasks and free employees to handle tasks that require more “thinking.” Benefits of cobots include increased employee satisfaction, reduction in repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and a more efficient workforce.
Walmart is taking the recent lettuce E. coli outbreaks very seriously. And they’re turning to blockchain help manage future outbreaks. Food Logistics reports that Walmart required leafy green suppliers to “sign on to the technology” by next year. They’re looking to be able to reliable track and trace products so they can reliably pull compromised product.
MHI recently announced the formation of The Robotics Group (TRG), the newest MHI Industry Group. MHI Industry Groups are membership groups around product-specific categories that share information and conduct research to stay at the forefront of their industry.
When the doors are open
Berner International Corporation
Keep it cozy this winter with Berner Air Curtains. Do your clients struggle with keeping costs down and productivity up when it’s cold outside? Learn how Royal Wine in New Jersey saves energy and provides warmer working conditions in the shipping area of their food processing and distribution center using Berner.
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Karcher Industrial
Lean Factory America, LLC
Education & Professional Development
Our industry needs more women leaders! Join MHI for an afternoon of education, discussion and networking for women in our industry at ProMat 2019.
MHI’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) announces a call for nominations for two awards to be presented at ProMat 2019, the Outstanding Young Professional Award and the Mentor Award. Deadline is February 11.
Supply Chain Trends
The rise of e-commerce has brought with it ever-increasing pressure for shippers to have a large volume of packages of all sizes delivered quickly. Parcel carriers have, and are, investing in technology and automation to meet that increase in volume while maintaining high service levels. As a result, both FedEX and UPS have seen annual average rate increases of 4.9% since 2010 and 2019 is no different.
Hackers don’t just target big multi-national firms nor do they discriminate based on industry. And, if your company is part of a supply chain, not only do you have to take into consideration a direct attack, but also a cyberattack that could occur to any one of the companies in your supply chain—and that is a very real threat.
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