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Artificial intelligence is being used to streamline supply chain operations and save companies money through increased efficiency and lower labor costs. There is a wide range of autonomous vehicles that use AI software to move pallets, racks and other large payloads through industrial settings.
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It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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Next-generation supply chains are coming—and in some cases, they’re already here. At the 2018 MHI Annual Conference and Executive Summit, you will learn about how technology and trends like blockchain, IoT and cybersecurity are impacting manufacturing and supply chains now and over the next five years.
The importance of conveyor and sorting systems goes beyond material handling, directly affecting the growth of your business and profits. View the new MHI view video to learn how MHI’s Conveyor and Sorting Systems Industry Group can help you manage growth and reduce waste while increasing productivity.
The Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers (ICWM) Industry Group of MHI recently announced that ANSI has approved updates to the ANSI ICWM-2018 standard, titled “Vocabulary, Performance and Testing Requirements for Casters and Wheels.”
Whether planning for a new rack system in a new location, or a new rack system in an existing location, the system cannot be installed until all applicable building codes have been satisfied.
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If there was any doubt just how important the last mile is to supply chains, consider this cautionary note from the 2018 MHI Annual Industry Report: “An inability to solve the riddle of the last mile has driven many promising companies out of business,” the report’s authors write.
Being held October 14, 2018, the MHI Executive Summit gives manufacturing and supply chain executive leaders the opportunity to explore NextGen supply chain trends and disruptive technologies and learn what’s coming in the next five years—especially how it will impact and disrupt you, your customers and your operations.
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Manufacturing and supply chain operations have the opportunity to reduce their waste and their costs by buying and selling second-hand materials. In this video, Damon Carson, founder and president of repurposedMATERIALS, explains how to reduce large amounts of wastes without generating large amounts of energy.
Supply Chain Trends
The global aerospace and defense sector revenues grew by 2.4 percent to $674.4 billion in 2016, slightly above the estimated global domestic product growth of 2.3 percent, according to a report by Deloitte. Although commercial aerospace manufacturers have been the major driver in industry growth for several years, the defense sector is trending upward.
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To complement a new educational video, thought leaders representing MHI’s Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) Industry Group discuss the importance of protecting personnel, equipment and inventory in industrial facilities.
There are five places in a facility that pose great risk for falls and injury if left unprotected, from outside the facility to elevated surfaces within the building. While each of the five areas is different and can vary greatly from one facility to another, each is a common hazard that can easily be secured.
Workforce shortages are compounded by the trend of building warehouses in only a few major distribution hubs. View this MHI view video to learn more.
Many approaches to tackling the current—and mitigating the future—shortage of skilled workers needed throughout supply chains are programs focused on introducing students as early as middle school to careers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. These efforts include special daylong events spearheaded by national and regional organizations and post-secondary educational institutions.
Just using the term Millennials probably turned a number of readers off. Sorry. This generation born from the late 1980s through the early 2000s has a reputation of being disinterested, lazy, filled with anger and lacking manners. While this generalization may be based upon some truth, this is also a generation that can become passionate about the things they believe in, and supply chain management is becoming one of those areas of passion.
MHI recently presented the 10th Annual Career & Technical Education (CTE) Educators Summit, hosted by the Vincennes University Logistics Training & Education Center of Plainfield, IN, in early July. This year’s theme was “People, Programs, and Partnerships,” the critical elements to grow and sustain a high quality CTE program. MHI sponsors the annual event as a way to help CTE educators meet MHI members’ increased demand for a skilled workforce.