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Interim Changes to Commercial Building and Plumbing/Mechanical Inspections

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The permit and building applications have increased in the City of Winnipeg for the fifth consecutive year. 

To address the above-noted impacts, resources have been reallocated and operations have been adjusted to meet current demands. It is anticipated that these measures will respond to and improve ongoing requests for service delivery. Progress will be monitored with respect to inspection service response times, and additional adjustments will be made to operations as required to improve customer service.

The newly established Commercial Inspections Intake Centre will review, triage, prioritize, and process building and plumbing/mechanical inspection requests in the order requests are received. Inspections will be focused on projects with the greatest degree of potential risk, and in certain situations allow the direct use of Professional Certifications or Licensed Contractor Declarations. This strategy builds on a process already in place for permit applications.

Due to current demands for Occupancy Permits, the City will issue an “Open-ended Interim Occupancy Permit” (as applicable), to ensure ongoing response to industry requests and volumes. Both of these new processes relate to interim processes which will be audited for compliance, success, and necessary modifications.

For more information visit The City of Winnipeg website found here

This website will be updated as more information is available. 

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Klassen, Manager of Commercial Construction Permits, at 204-986-7060 or email


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