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MCA Canada is very pleased to welcome you to the first edition of the 'all-new' Just The Fax, the voice of Canada's mechanical contracting industry. In partnership with Naylor Canada, we hope to achieve greater ease of use and to enable members to quickly scan and highlight articles particularly relevant to their current circumstances. As always, if you have any information or content applicable to our national audience please forward them to daryl@mcac.ca.
January 31 to February 02, 2014 – MCA Canada will he holding several days of extensive meetings designed to guide the direction of the association. These meetings will include the MCA Canada Executive Board, the Conference Committee, all MCAC Standing Committees and the MCA Canada Board of Directors. Also convening are the provincial and regional MCA Managers from across Canada who are gathering for their semi-annual Managers Council Meeting. Please keep your eye on future editions of Just the Fax for details as a result of these meetings.

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Industry News
What’s the deal in Canada with lead-free? Aren’t we already lead-free with the NSF 61-9 standard?
Do the new lead-free products cost more? When do I have to switch over to lead-free?

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One year after the Prime Minister of Canada said skills shortages are the biggest challenge facing the country, the business community continues to identify the skills gap as the most pressing issue. "Competition to find and hire highly qualified and skilled professionals is intense, according to our members," says Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce. "Employers and policy-makers must keep focusing on skills if we are to avoid current and expected shortages from threatening our growth."

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Canada's cities are warning Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet that they could lose out on infrastructure projects for the upcoming summer construction season because of confusion surrounding new funding announced in the last federal budget. (Source: Vancouver Sun, December 5, 2013)

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Education and Training
CMCEF will once again be offering the two-day Dispatcher Training Program in Vancouver from January 30 to 31, 2014. Registrations will be accepted until January 15th. In 2007, the program was updated and adapted specifically for the Canadian market by Richard Worr Consulting. It has been offered numerous times across Canada with great reviews.

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December 17th will be the last day that you can register for the 10-Day Gold Seal Accredited Project Management program in Calgary, Alberta. This is the Education Foundtions flagship course delivered by eight (8) of North America's top instructors.

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Innovation and Technology
Shortly after getting the multibillion-dollar contract to rebuild two terminals at Dallas-Forth Worth airport, construction firm Balfour Beatty discovered an unpleasant surprise: the architectural and planning documents were expected to run to 60,000 pages. It was time to go digital, meaning 50 iPads were purchased for superintendents in the field. The company is now about two and a half years into the seven-year project, and estimates they've already saved $1.2 million just by eliminating paper -- even as the number of plans required has doubled. Plus, since installing the system, there hasn't been a single mistake from contractors using outdated plans. (Source:CITEWorld)

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Ongoing research and innovation can help catapult the construction industry into the next generation of technology use. Things like RFID (radio-frequency identification), location and mapping, and more are being researched in depth these days. In Canada, for example, the federal government indicated it wants to see more industry-focused research and innovation. Enter CCI (Canadian Construction Innovations). (Source: Constructech Magazine)

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Check out these significant dates for 2014 ...

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As we rapidly approach 2014, it might be a good time to pencil in the dates for MCA Canada’s 73rd National Conference dates and location. We will be enjoying the world-famous hospitality of St. John’s, Newfoundland, September 24–27, 2014. You know this is going to be one of those events you will remember for a lifetime.

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