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January 5, 2016 In This Issue
Member Update
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Member Update
MCA Canada would like to wish you all the very best for the coming year. 2016 will once again be an extremely busy year for the association as we continue our work on several projects.

The members of MCA Canada’s Strategic Planning Committee will meet in Ottawa, February 6 and 7. We would very much like your input into our strategic planning process. Shortly, we will be sending a link with a few specific questions which we would like you to answer. Your input will help guide the direction of the committee and this association over the next three years. Watch for the survey link in upcoming editions of Just The Fax.
Please join us in welcoming our newest associate member, Jobber.

Please enjoy MCA Hamilton’s special edition newsletter, which captures many local activities as well as several national directives.

The MCA Canada Member Multimedia Information Program delivers timely and valuable information to our members via email (Just The Fax), the Internet (www.mcac.ca) and direct mail. The program’s goal is to provide every MCA member with regular information on upcoming events, programs and projects. In addition, each communication will feature one of our Membership Advantage Programs, which can save you thousands of dollars each year. This program is brought to you by the generosity of our featured associate member. 
January's Multimedia Information Program includes: 
  • National Bulletin, Winter 2016 – The winter edition of MCA Canada’s National Bulletin includes updates on important association and industry programs, services, projects and events. Be sure to also check out our wrap up of the 2015 Annual National Conference in Palm Springs, California. Look for the National Bulletin in your mailbox shortly, or download your copy from the Publications section of mcac.ca.

  • Membership Advantage Program – In the crowded apparel market, Mark’s Work Wearhouse stands out for its commitment to comfort, quality, style and innovation. Although their roots are in industrial work wear, they have become known for outfitting Canadians with casual and active wear for everyday living. Their clothes are engineered to function, feel and look better. Check out marks.com.
This month's program brought to you by Canplas. Canplas Industries Ltd. is a member of the Aliaxis Group of companies, a global leader of plastic solutions for fluid transport in the field of building materials. The Aliaxis Group provides products for both residential and commercial building markets, in new build and renovation segments, as well as a wide range of solutions for industrial and public utility applications. For more information, visit canplas.com.
Industry News
The construction sector has pledged to speed up the fight against climate change with the launch of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

Advanced HVAC systems can provide marvelous energy efficiency benefits to virtually any building. The problem is that many such systems work harder and claim a larger footprint simply because buildings are often designed with little regard for the thermal performance of their enclosures or the way in which their design influences heating and cooling loads.

Project pricing in the global construction marketplace is a tremendously important aspect of doing business, but many companies underestimate its impact on their bottom line, said an international pricing expert at a seminar during the recent Buildings Show in Toronto.

N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.
Victaulic Company of Canada
Bradford White Canada Inc.
Education and Training
The Construction Education Council's Accredited Project Management Program will be offered over 10 days again this spring: from March 31 to April 4 and April 21 to April 25. Make a point to check out this great session. It's incredibly popular and filled with all kinds of valuable insight.

Innovation and Technology
January is a good time for businesses to take stock of their operations and evaluate how to work more efficiently, and more profitably, in the coming year. For those in the construction industry, advancements in technology will continue to play a big role.

By The Numbers
Declines in manufacturing, utilities and retail trade were offsite by an uptick in resources.

According to the confidential Wholesalers' Sales Report produced by the Profit Planning Group, November total product sales were up by $30.9 million dollars or up 6.2 percent compared to November 2014.

The price of oil and other commodities have given Canadian markets a beating throughout 2015.

Miura Canada
Important Dates
  • February 25–27: MCA Student Chapter Summit, Toronto, Ontario
  • March 6–10: CCA Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • March 11: World Plumbing Day, Worldwide
  • March 15–17: MCAC Winter Meetings, Orlando, Florida
  • March 16–18: CMPX Trade Show, Toronto, Ontario
  • March 17–24: MCAA Convention, Orlando, Florida
  • March 31–April 4: Project Management – Part 1, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
  • April 10–16: MCA Ontario Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • April 21–25: Project Management – Part 2, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
  • April 29–30: MCA British Columbia Conference, Okanagan, British Columbia
  • May 4: MCA Manitoba Annual General Meeting, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • May 9–16: CEC Estimating Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • June: Eastern Regional Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • June 15–17: CCA Meetings, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • June 26–28: CIPH Annual Business Conference, Banff, Alberta
  • July 13: CEC Golf Tournament, Waterloo, Ontario
  • September 26–29: CCA Meetings, Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • November 14–17: MCAC 75th Annual National Conference, Orlando, Florida
MCA Canada's Charity of Choice
A new year means new resolutions, and while some choose to focus on fitness or financial health, other people make commitments to giving more back to charities. If you fall into the latter category, why not consider making Operation Eyesight your charity of choice?



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