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February 9, 2015 In This Issue
Member Update
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MCA Canada's Charity of Choice
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Ecco Heating Products Ltd.
FastEst, Inc.
Member Update
MCAC Associate Council Chairman Peter Ashton from Masco Canada is very pleased to welcome Mike Miller of Taco Canada as the newest member of the council joining Dan Milroy of Bradford White Canada Inc.

The Associate Council Executive represents the more than 100 supplier members of MCA Canada. Its Chair, Mr. Ashton, sits on the MCA Canada Board of Directors. This ensures that the associates have a voice in the decisions of the association. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Miller to the Executive Committee.
MCA Canada's Construction Education Council (CEC) – formerly the CMCEF – meets this week during MCA Canada's winter board meetings.

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to complete the CEC survey. The feedback you give will help us develop our meeting agenda.
If you already have completed the survey, thank you for your time. 
The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) wants to know what you would like from your service organization.
What do you consider important? What programs or services can we help with? Education, software, sales, marketing, business practices, sample documents ... we would like to hear from you.
Send us an email with your suggestions on what we can provide to you, our members.
Industry News
As part of its Labour Mobility of Apprentices project, CAF-FCA is seeking employers and apprentices who have personal experience with transitions between different jurisdictions to participate in a survey. For example, we would like to hear from employers who have hired apprentices initially trained elsewhere and apprentices who have moved to complete their apprenticeship. 
The project seeks to ensure employers who wish to hire and apprentices who wish to move are fully informed of the requirements for successful transition. The project will gather insights into the challenges associated with hiring those from another region and develop appropriate resources to help apprentices and employers meet administrative requirements.  
The benefits of streamlining mobility are clear: more opportunities to complete work hours, reduced likelihood that apprentices will discontinue when they lose their job, more efficient progression and better long-term labour market outcomes. 
The survey is scheduled for this month. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Results will be aggregated and summarized in the final report.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Contact Emily Arrowsmith at emily@caf-fca.org for more information.
Canada’s national standard for occupational health and safety management, CSA Z1000 – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, has been designed to help organizations improve their occupational health and safety performance and contribute to reducing workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. It is the core component in the CSA Group’s series of OHS standards that address training, hazard identification, risk management, workplace ergonomics, and other key disciplines to build a more effective OHS Management System.

Highlights of the 2014 edition of the Z1000 standard include:
  • Harmonization with other safety standards such as CSA Z1001 – Occupational Health and Safety Training and CSA Z1002 – Occupational Health and Safety – Hazard Identification and Elimination and Risk Assessment and Control
  • Clarification of nonconformities and the distinction between "corrective" and "preventive" actions
  • Expansion of the requirements for management system review and plans for continual improvement
  • Competency requirements for auditors
A company in the U.S. has published the results of a survey among architects, engineers and contractors that shows problems with document management are a major source of delays and overruns on construction projects.
N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.
Victaulic Company of Canada
Bradford White Canada Inc.
Education and Training
If you are interested in any of the following programs, please contact your local MCA or CEC office.
Advanced Supervisory: Turning Supervisors into Better Leaders – Kevin Dougherty – Saskatoon, SK – February 20
Short Interval Scheduling – Dr. Perry Daneshgari - Winnipeg, MB – February 26
Construction Scheduling for Managing Projects – Dr. Awad Hanna – Halifax, NS – February 27
Procurement Chain Management – Dr. Perry Daneshgari – Winnipeg, MB – March 6
Making the Numbers Work – Kevin Dougherty – Saskatoon, SK – March 24
Project Tracking to Improve Labour Productivity – Dr. Hanna – Winnipeg, MB – March 27
10-day PM – Waterloo, ON Week 1: March 26–30 and Week 2: April 16–20 **Only one seat remains
Managing Construction Delay Claims – Dr. Awad Hanna – Halifax, NS – April 30
6-day Supervisory Training – Gary Lehman, Vancouver, BC – April 23–25 & May 7–9
Cumulative Impact of Change Orders – Dr. Awad Hanna, Ottawa, ON – May 1
Innovation and Technology
3Squared, a software development company already working on Crossrail trials of wearable technology, has revealed it is nearing completion of a pilot project to integrate Google Glass with Autodesk’s BIM 360 Field software. The news comes just two weeks after Google announced that it would be withdrawing support and investment from Google Glass. But 3Squared said it would continue the trial, with the aim of completing an app that could be used to allow other "wearable tech" devices – such as the Daqri smart helmet – to link with Autodesk 360 Field.
Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, act as sensors in the sky and could change the way inspections are carried out, providing a whole new view on construction sites, states Professor Angela Schoellig of the Institute for Aerospace Studies at the University of Toronto.

Schoellig recently provided a presentation during the 2014 Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Day, hosted by the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute. She discussed the role of these vehicles in future environments. She states drones have a broad range of applications and when it comes to construction could be used for power line and pipeline inspection, 3D mapping and infrastructure inspection.
Miura Canada
AB&I Foundry
Franke Kindred Canada Ltd.
Important Dates
  • February 10-13: MCA Canada Winter Meetings, Las Vegas, NV
  • March 5-8: International Alliance of MCA Meetings, Maui, HI
  • March 8-12: MCA America Annual Conference, Maui, HI
  • March 12: MCA Saskatchewan Conference, Saskatoon, SK
  • March 22-26: CCA Conference, San Antonio, TX
  • April 9-19: MCA Ontario Conference, Sicily, Italy
  • April 22: CMMTQ AGM, Montreal, QC
  • April 22-23: MCEE Trade Show, Montreal, QC
  • April 30-May 3: MCA Alberta Conference, Invermore, BC
  • May 1-2: MCA British Columbia Conference, Victoria, BC
  • May 20: MCA Western Regional Meetings, Winnipeg, MB
  • May 21-24: MCA Manitoba Conference, Elkhorn, MB
  • May 30-June 1: CCA Meetings, Prince George, BC
  • June 2015: MCA Eastern Regional Meetings, Charlottetown, PE
  • June 14-16: CIPH National ABC Conference, Québec City, QC
  • October 18-20: CCA Meetings, Thunder Bay, ON
  • November 16-19: MCA Canada's 74th National Conference, Palm Springs, CA
MCA Canada's Charity of Choice

As you know, Operation Eyesight and MCA Canada have partnered together to help eradicate blindness caused by trachoma, a completely curable disease.

Since 1963, Operation Eyesight has prevented more than 35 million people from facing the tragedy of needless blindness. The most heart-wrenching fact about trachoma is that it can be eradicated with accessible clean water and basic sanitation, something near and dear to our hearts.

To donate to this worthwhile cause click here, call 613-232-0492 or email mcac@mcac.ca.



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