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December 15, 2014 In This Issue
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Member Update
Over the last couple of years, representatives from MCA Canada and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) have held advocacy days on Parliament Hill. One of the key messages brought forward during meetings with Senators and MPs was the need for some form of Counterfeit Products Legislation that would give authorities at the border the power to cease counterfeit products, among other powers. We are very pleased to announce that on December 9, 2014 the 'Combating Counterfeit Products Act' (Bill C-8) was passed into law.
The National Hockey League (NHL) released its 2014 NHL Sustainability Report this past summer and with it became the first professional sport in North America to compile a detailed analysis of its carbon footprint. The report looked at the operations of all 30 NHL teams and their venue partners across Canada and the U.S, and found that on average the league emits about 530,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year. This number includes all league and club business activities, including 1230 regular season games, more than 60 playoff matches and nearly 2,000,000 air travel miles. (Patrick Callan, HPAC Magazine)
One of MCA Canada's Membership Advantage Program Partners, ClearFit, is making bold prediction about the future of hiring. ClearFit Founder, Ben Baldwin, states in an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal that "Finding the right employees to grow your business is such a massive pain point that investors have pumped billions of dollars over the past decade into trying to alleviate this headache." Has this solved the dilemma? Balwin fears it has not but that technology will lead to something groundbreaking in the very near future....Job Matching.
The Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada (MSCC) wants to know what it is you would like from your service organization. What do you consider important? What makes your life difficult that perhaps we could help with? Click the following email link to send us an email with your thoughts on what we can provide to you, our members...daryl@mcac.ca.
During the Christmas holidays, MCA Canada's office will be closed at noon December 24th, 2014 and reopen on January 5th, 2015. All of us at MCA Canada wish you a wonderful Christmas and an exciting and prosperous New Year.
Industry News
The Honourable Greg Rickford, Canada's Minister of Natural Resources, announced December 8, 2014, the introduction of the Pipeline Safety Act. This Act introduces legislative measures to further enhance Canada's world-class pipeline safety system. Currently, 99.999 percent of the oil transported on federally regulated pipelines is carried out safely, and the measures announced today aim to improve Canada's record even further.
On July 6, 2012, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 ('CEAA 2012') came into force. Projects that may require an environmental assessment are set out in the Regulations Designating Physical Activities. However, authorities are required to determine whether projects on federal lands are likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has released a guide, intended to assist authorities. Click the link below to download the Guide from the CEAA website.
The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) is developing a framework to launch Canada’s first program to provide a national standard and recognized levels of certification for companies using Building Information Modeling (BIM). CanBIM is aggressively pursuing the goal of having a draft framework in place in February 2015 for the next CanBIM regional session being held in Montreal and they are planning to launch the new program before or at their next AGM in the fall of 2015.
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Education and Training

How do you increase efficiency, streamline operations or implement best business practices? Simple: Education, that's how! You're running a lean operation already, right? So how do you increase your bottom line? It's right in front of you - The Construction Education Council (CEC) is your path to more profits. All you have to do is contact your MCA office or contact the CEC office directly at 613-232-5169 or by email at: tania@mcac.ca.  Here are a couple of programs that can help... 

Dispatcher Training - January 15-16, 2015 (Burnaby, BC)
Deadline For Registration is December 20, 2014

This two-day program will provide dispatchers with all the skills they need to dramatically improve job performance. It goes beyond traditional technical training to cover critical dispatcher skills as leading technicians, becoming the service manager's partner, prioritizing customer emergencies, and much more...

Project Management - Week 1: January 15 - 19, 2015 - Week 2: February 5 - 9, 2015 (Winnipeg, MB)
Deadline For Registration is December 20, 2014

Project Management Week 1: March 26 - 30, 2015 - Week 2: April 16 - 20, 2015 (Waterloo, ON)
The cornerstone of your success, Project Management. This program covers topics vital to your success, such as:  Administration, Scheduling, Managing Individuals, Safety, Change Orders, Construction Law, Job Costing, Communications and Negotiation, Dispute Avoidance & Claims, Labour Relations, Project Completion and more...

Here are just two examples of how to increase your bottom line. To find out what specific courses are available, so you can tailor your training to meet your objectives, visit the CEC website at www.constructioneducation.ca or pick up the phone. No one ever complains about having smarter people working for them!

Innovation and Technology
William McDonough, an architect, and his collaborator, Michael Braungart, an industrial chemist, are challenging the way we think about buildings. Their first book, Cradle to Cradle, was very innovative a decade ago and their new book, The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability —Designing for Abundance, picks up where the first one left off. And they've taken the opportunity to put their theories into practical applications. Built for NASA in Silicon Valley, "Sustainability Base," according to NASA, is unlike any building ever created using innovations originally engineered for space travel and exploration.

- Archaeologists discovered copper water pipes in the palace ruins of the Indus River Valley in India. (4,000 to 3,000 B.C.)
- Egyptians developed copper pipes that were used to build elaborate bathrooms inside the pyramids and intricate irrigation and sewages systems. (2500 B.C.)
- Rainwater cisterns were developed on the island of Crete which allowed for storage of rainwater until it was needed for drinking, washing, bathing and cooking uses. (1500 B.C.)
- Archeologists discovered the remains of an ancient plumbing system (at least 3,000 years old) on the island of Crete at the site of an ancient palace of Knossos
- The Roman Empire developed aqueducts, as well as underground sewer systems, public and private baths, lead and bronze water piping systems, and marble fixtures with gold and silver fittings. The Romans utilized lead pipes, which at the time made vast improvements in sanitary conditions. (500 B.C. to A.D. 455)
- For the first time, iron pipe was installed in Siegerland, Germany. German craftsmen had learned how to build fires hot enough to melt iron and pour it into castings to make hollow pipe. (1455)
- Sir John Harington, godson to Queen Elizabeth I, invented the first flushing water closet. (1596)
- The first underground sewer was installed in 1728
- The first public water main was installed under New York streets in 1830

February 10-13, 2014: MCA Canada Winter Meetings, Las Vegas, NV
March 5-8, 2015: International Alliance of MCA Meetings, Maui, HI
March 8-12, 2015: MCA America Annual Conference, Maui, HI
March 12, 2015: MCA Saskatchewan Conference, Saskatoon, SK
March 22-26, 2015: CCA Conference, San Antonio, TX
April 9-19, 2015: MCA Ontario Conference, Sicily, Italy
April 22, 2015: CMMTQ AGM, Montreal, Quebec
April 30-May 3, 2015: MCA Alberta Conference, Invermore, BC
May 1-2, 2015: MCA British Columbia Conference, TBD
May 20, 2015: MCA Western Regional Meetings, Winnipeg, MB
May 21-24, 2015: MCA Manitoba Conference, Elkhorn, MB
May 30 - June 1, 2015: CCA Meetings, Prince George, BC
June 2015: MCA Eastern Regional Meetings, Charlottetown, PEI
June 14-16, 2015: CIPH National ABC Conference, Quebec City, QC
October 18-20, 2015: CCA Meetings, Thunder Bay, ON
November 16-19, 2015: MCA Canada's 74th National Conference, Palm Springs, CA
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Franke Kindred Canada Ltd.
MCA Canada's Charity of Choice

The perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list! - Operation Eyesight’s virtual gift options make the perfect stocking stuffer, gift tag or envelope filler. Each Operation Eyesight gift conveys a beautiful message to a friend, family member, colleague or that hard-to-buy-for person. And each has a profound impact on a person, family and community in the developing world.

  • For just $20, you can provide custom-fitted prescription eyeglasses.
  • For $50, you can give a life-changing cataract surgery.
  • And for $100, you can help bring water to a desperately dry community in Africa.

See the Gift Guide for a full list of options that start at just $15. Each gift will be sent to the recipient as a lovely holiday card, along with a gift tag that describes the work you are supporting. If you order your gift online, you can also choose to send a customized holiday eCard. Visit operationeyesight.com/giftguide or call toll-free at 1-800-585-8265. To ensure delivery, please place your order two weeks prior to the date you wish the gift to arrive. Please give today...for all the world to see.

Important Links
As this month's featured Membership Advantage Program, Avis & Budget offer members preferred pricing on rental vehicles. The Avis Budget group have more than 10,000 rental locations in approximately 175 countries around the world. Budget is the leading rental car supplier competing within value-conscious segments of the industry while Avis primarily services the premium commercial and leisure travel market. Contact MCA Canada directly for your discount codes or for more information at 613-232-0492.
Volunteers often selflessly give of their time, money and experience in support of their community and those in need of some assistance. If you, or someone you know, is a volunteer or contributor to a worthy cause, MCA Canada would like to hear about it. While these wonderful amazing people are not seeking recognition, we would like to listen to their stories and share them with our association members. People do amazing things every day. Let's hear about them. Please send your stories to mcac@mcac.ca.


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