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Member Update

Members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) are hereby notified of the:

2021 MCAC Annual General Meeting
12:00-13:30 (Eastern), Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2021
To be held online

Once registered, members will be authenticated and receive an access link and password to attend.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise in the AEC industry. In fact, a recent Egnyte study found that AEC customers were twice as likely to suffer a ransomware attack as the cross-industry average. Now is the time to protect your data and your company.

But before you can defend against a ransomware attack, you need to understand a ransomware attack. Join Ronen Vengosh, VP, AEC, and cybersecurity expert Nick Espinosa as they dissect the anatomy of a ransomware attack, providing valuable insight in how they work and steps you can take to help you decrease your risk of suffering an attack and recovering faster if you do.

Join us on Nov. 16 at noon ET for Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack in AEC.

Beverly Holcomb's popular series The Four Pillars of Lasting Change may already be underway, but that doesn't mean you can't still sign up.

The first session, Nourish, was presented earlier today, but the other sessions below are still very much open to registration. Learn more about each of these pillars of health and why each is so important to our continued well-being.

Registration for each session is just $25. The presentations are brought to you by the Women in Mechanical Construction group, and more information is available on the MCA Canada website

Move — Nov. 18

Today, the World Health Organization ranks physical inactivity as the fourth biggest preventable killer globally. SATAURA’s proven “MOVE” pillar focuses on how to counteract and correct the accumulative effects of chronic sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. 

Recover — Dec. 2

Proper sleep is the elixir of life. High-quality sleep balances hormones, fortifies the immune system, boosts metabolism, improves brain function and increases physical energy. Without the proper amount of sleep, optimal health and well-being cannot be achieved.

Integrate — Dec. 9

Addressing underlying negative habits and behaviours that compromise vibrant health is the key to the success of our entire program! Virtually anything can become a habit or addiction. Our approach helps to deliberately and consciously rewire new health-promoting habits and behaviours.

Tying it All Together — Dec. 16

True Commercial Performance
Bradford White Canada Inc.®
Bradford White has the innovative commercial solutions that meet your customers’ needs while being easy for you to install. Like the outstanding 97% thermal efficiency of our eF Series® Ultra High Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heaters… the high-volume capacity of our commercial storage tanks … and the flexibility of our ElectriFLEX Series™ – they’re field-convertible, so a single model solves multiple installation requirements.
Learn more now.

The federal government is planning to modernize the Employment Insurance (EI) program. It is doing so because work for Canadians has changed. Gaps in the program were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. EI needs to catch up.

Canadians and interested parties are invited to share their views on how to improve the EI program so that it continues to be relevant in today’s labour market.

For more information and to complete the online survey, visit

Source: IAMPO
The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials has published the 2020 Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard as an American National Standard. Developed by IAPMO and first published in 2017, WE•Stand is the first-ever standard that focuses solely on achieving safe and efficient water use in residential and non-residential buildings.
Source: Daily Commercial News
"Canada will face a shortage of at least 10,000 workers in nationally recognized Red Seal trades over the next five years — a deficit that swells tenfold when 250 provincially regulated trades are included, according to a new report that was released recently by the thought leadership group at Royal Bank of Canada."
Source: Daily Commercial News
Leaving behind traditional ways of building design and construction is key to meeting low carbon targets. 
FastEst, Inc.
N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.
Source: Daily Commercial News
Thanks to new financing tools and programs, we could see more comprehensive energy retrofits of aging commercial buildings in the future, leading to a construction sector boom over the next few years.
Source: The Conversation
"As building codes are often implemented for new buildings designed after an event occurs and do not apply to existing buildings, building code updates can feel like too little, too late."
Victaulic Company of Canada
Flocor, Inc.
Canadian Trade Services Ltd


1775: Benedict Arnold arrives at Point-Lévis across from Québec; after leading an American invasion army through the wilderness of Maine; awaits Richard Montgomery coming downriver from Montréal.
1799: Napoleon Bonaparte participates in a coup and declares himself dictator of France.
1877: Alexander Graham Bell's Bell Telephone Company leases first phones to Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie; but backdates lease to Sept. 21, 1877.
1900: Russia completes its occupation of Manchuria.
1935: Japanese troops invade Shanghai, China.
1938: Nazis kill 35 Jews, arrest thousands and destroy Jewish synagogues, homes and stores throughout Germany. The event becomes known as Kristallnacht, the night of the shattered glass.
1965: Roger Allen LaPorte, a 22-year-old former seminarian and a member of the Catholic worker movement, immolates himself at the United Nations in New York City in protest of the Vietnam War.
1965: Nine Northeastern states and parts of Canada go dark in the worst power failure in history, when a switch at a station near Niagara Falls fails.
1967: NASA launches Apollo 4 into orbit with the first successful test of a Saturn V rocket.
1983: Alfred Heineken, beer brewer from Amsterdam, is kidnapped and held for a ransom of more than $10 million.
1989: The Berlin Wall is opened after dividing the city for 28 years.
2007: German Bundestag passes controversial bill mandating storage of citizens' telecommunications traffic data for six months without probable cause.

Reliance Worldwide Canada Inc.
Federated Insurance
Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.
Source: HPAC Magazine
For the second quarter in a row, the total value of building permits saw a decline, down 3.8% to $29.8 billion.
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
Several industries saw gains in October, including the hard-hit retail sector, but these were offset by declines in other sectors, such as accommodation and food services.



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