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Behind the scenes, trade associations are consistently working with the various levels of the Canadian government to ensure that the interests of the mechanical trades are met. Ken Lancastle, chief operating officer with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, and Ralph Suppa, president and general manager with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating, discuss the latest advocacy work that has been done on the behalf of their members.

“These are not just jobs,” says Lancastle. “We are trying to tell Canadians, new Canadians and underrepresented groups that joining the skilled trades is a career; it is a career that you can be proud of and it is a career that you can build. There is a lot of opportunity available.”

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Source: HPAC Magazine
The Vision 2030 site offers guidance supporting intelligent design, construction and operation for a more resilient and adaptable built environment.
Source: HPAC Magazine
These materials were created to help mechanical system designers and renovation contractors with sizing and selecting ASHPs for new build and retrofit residential applications in Canada.
A new report from BDO offers guidance for construction company owners and operators. In analyzing the industry landscape, it provides practical ways to improve your business for the next six months and for years to come.
Source: Daily Commercial News
Safety and Health Week is on until May 8 and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety is offering a slate of free virtual live events to help workplaces celebrate.
Source: On-Site Magazine
COVID-19 has impacted everyone, changing the way we act and interact both at work and in everyday life. We have employed a hierarchy of controls, from social distancing and remote working, to increased sanitization and mask use.
Source: Popular Mechanics
"Researchers have uncovered something hazardous, and seemingly contradictory, in the state of construction safety: Roofers with more safety gear in place are actually more likely to engage in riskier behaviors, making the workers less safe overall."
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N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.
Victaulic Company of Canada
Flocor, Inc.
Masco Canada Ltd.

1626: Indigenous People in America sell Manhattan Island for $24 in cloth and buttons.
1715: A French manufacturer debuts the first folding umbrella.
1795: Thousands of rioters enter jails in Lyons, France, and massacre 99 Jacobin prisoners.
1927: A balloon soars over 40,000 feet for the first time.
1930: Mahatma Gandhi is arrested by the British.
1942: The United States begins food rationing.
1958: Canadian comedians Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster make their first of a record 67 appearances on TV's Ed Sullivan Show.
1961: Thirteen civil rights activists, dubbed Freedom Riders, begin a bus trip through the South.
1970: Ohio National Guardsmen open fire on student protesters at Kent State University, killing four and wounding nine others.
2012: Royal Canadian Mint produces its final penny; the penny was withdrawn from circulation Feb. 4, 2013.

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