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New Masterclass Webinar Series – 2021 Edition
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Jonas’ all-in-one construction & service management software helps mechanical businesses likes yours optimize operations and be more profitable. Join our Masterclass Series webinars to learn how you can: 

-Save your company time and effort. 
-Gain better insight into your business.  
-Improve workflow efficiencies. 
-Grow your business. 
-Make better decisions. 
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Source: BuildForce Canada
The latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey data shows that several of construction’s key labour market indicators are nearing pre-pandemic levels.
As companies expand the use of storage and fulfilment centres to meet e-commerce demands, industrial space is becoming increasingly unavailable.
Source: Daily Commercial News
"Construction stakeholders and allies are praising the broad strokes of the federal budget presented April 19 with its commitment to infrastructure, green-economy initiatives and apprenticeship supports but a number expressed disappointment with omissions."
Source: Daily Commercial News
Prompt Payment Ontario has ceased operations. Its remaining funds will be distributed among three charities.
FastEst, Inc.
N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.
Victaulic Company of Canada
Flocor, Inc.
Source: Daily Commercial News
"It’s a period of exciting innovation in the construction industry, ranging from the increased digitization of project management, to four-legged robotic dogs that conduct 3D site scanning."
Masco Canada Ltd.


1644: Wheat planted in Canada for the first time.
1796: Upper Canada Parliament moves from Newark to York.
1813: American forces capture York (present-day Toronto), the seat of government in Ontario.
1846: John A. Macdonald from Kingston gives his maiden speech in the Assembly of the Province of Canada, advocating a repeal of the usury laws.
1861: President Abraham Lincoln suspends the writ of habeas corpus.
1928: Prince Edward Island changes to driving on the right hand side of the road.
1941: The Greek army capitulates to the invading Germans.
1950: South Africa passes the Group Areas Act, formally segregating races.
1961: The United Kingdom grants Sierra Leone independence.
1967: Prime Minister Lester Pearson officially opens Expo '67 in Montréal.
1975: Saigon is encircled by North Vietnamese troops.
1978: The Afghanistan revolution begins.
1989: Protesting students take over Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.
2006: Supreme Court of Canada rules in a 4-3 decision, to uphold key provisions of the national DNA databank that stores genetic profiles of sexual and dangerous offenders.

Reliance Worldwide Canada Inc.
Federated Insurance
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