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Member Update
The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) is now accepting applications for the 2020 Richard McKeagan Scholarship Series, an annual program that will see more than $14,000 awarded in scholarships for students across Canada studying in the mechanical contracting and mechanical engineering fields.

MCA Canada is pleased to announce three new online training programs in August and September.

  • The Project Improvement Program is a webinar and coaching program designed to help contractors and their production teams take charge of projects and determine the most profitable way to proceed.
  • In Project Scheduling Basics, you will learn tools to understand the concepts of building more realistic project schedules.
  • Microsoft Project Essentials will provide participants with the hands-on skills to plan and manage project activities using Microsoft Project.

Check out our Event Calendar for more information about these sessions and any other education training sessions we have planned.

CTS Flange Adapters with EPDM separation.
Canadian Trade Services Ltd
CTS FLANGE ADAPTERS for use with copper tube provide 100% EPDM electrolysis protection above and below ground. Slip-on, Roll Grooved and Press Fit. Good for all butterfly and flanged gate valve installations, pumps, chillers, back-flow devices, etc. Nut, bolt and gasket kit available. SIMPLE installation, SAVES Time. SAVES Money. Serving Canada coast-to-coast for over 20 years. Web: (Click Canada)
Learn more
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
Three quarters of small businesses are in debt due to COVID-19. According to survey results from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Small Business Recovery Dashboard, most of those think it will take more than a year to pay it off.
Source: Daily Commercial News
Since Canada began seeing cases of COVID-19 in March 2020, there have been many requests for the government to put money into public sector infrastructure. Proponents say these projects can help reboot an economy facing a recession. But some Canadian economists are unsure about the idea.
Source: HPAC Magazine
Among the five Canadians honoured with ASHRAE awards this year, two are receiving the 50-year member award.
FastEst, Inc.
N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.

To better understand the current state and impact of design documents in Canada’s design and construction industry, the Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation (RIII) was commissioned to undertake a study on “The Impact of Pre-Project Investment and Quality of Documents on Project Delivery Efficiencies.”

As a part of the study, this nationwide online survey aims to collect data and opinions from construction professionals on questions relating to the quality of design documents. Trade contractors from across Canada can provide valuable input to this study by participating in an online survey. The survey results will be confidential, and no identifiers of any participant will be published.

Please participate in the survey. Visit

Victaulic Company of Canada
Flocor, Inc.
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
While there are challenges tied to tall wooden building construction, investment in this method is an opportunity for sustainable economic growth.
UA Canada/AU Canada
Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Masco Canada Ltd.
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1403: Henry IV defeats the Percys in the Battle of Shrewsbury in England.
1711: Russia and Turkey sign the Treaty of Pruth, ending the year-long Russo-Turkish War.
1718: The Treaty of Passarowitz is signed by Austria, Venice and the Ottoman Empire.
1773: Pope Clement XIV abolishes the Jesuit order.
1798: Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Arab Mameluke warriors at the Battle of the Pyramids.
1865: Wild Bill Hickok kills gunman Dave Tutt in Springfield, Missouri, in what is regarded as the first formal quick-draw duel.
1873: The James Gang robs a train in Adair, Iowa.
1896: Mary Church Terrell founds the National Association of Colored Women in Washington, D.C.
1906: French Captain Alfred Dreyfus is vindicated of his earlier court-martial for spying for Germany.
1919: The British House of Lords ratifies the Versailles Treaty.
1925: John Scopes is found guilty for teaching evolution in Dayton, Tenn., and is fined $100.
1941: France accepts Japan's demand for military control of Indochina.
1944: U.S. Army and Marine forces land on Guam in the Marianas.
1954: The French sign an armistice with the Viet Minh that ends the war but divides Vietnam into two countries.
1960: Sirimavo Bandaranaike becomes the first woman prime minister of Ceylon.




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