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Join us on July 9 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET for a special webinar on how mechanical contractors are leveraging technology to digitize their jobsite and maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll also show a field demo of the Procore Platform so you can see how to remotely manage your teams, project tasks and communications.

In addition, James Zelinsky, the chief administrative officer at Pitt Meadows Mechanical, will join us to discuss how they are leveraging technology at one of the largest mechanical contractors in Canada.

CTS Flange Adapters with EPDM separation.
Canadian Trade Services Ltd
CTS FLANGE ADAPTERS for use with copper tube provide 100% EPDM electrolysis protection above and below ground. Slip-on, Roll Grooved and Press Fit. Good for all butterfly and flanged gate valve installations, pumps, chillers, back-flow devices, etc. Nut, bolt and gasket kit available. SIMPLE installation, SAVES Time. SAVES Money. Serving Canada coast-to-coast for over 20 years. Web: (Click Canada)
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Source: On-Site Magazine
Ottawa fell behind early on its $187.8-billion Investing in Canada Plan. After four years, the federal government still has yet to catch up, according the office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer in its latest assessment of the plan.
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
The Mid-Market Financing Program, part of the Government of Canada’s Business Credit Availability Program, will be delivered through close work with businesses' primary lenders.
Source: Daily Commercial News
The C.D. Howe Institute’s COVID-19 crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade is calling on governments to speed up productivity-enhancing infrastructure projects to help the Canadian economy recover.
Source: Daily Commercial News
Catherine McKenna, Canada's Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, outlined the Liberal government’s vision for a green, home-grown, post-COVID construction supply chain during a recent Canadian Construction Association webinar.
Source: HPAC Magazine
Gail Kaufman is the vice president of marketing and e-business for Wolseley Canada and has become the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating's 73rd chair.
Source: Plumbing + HVAC
World Refrigeration Day will be celebrated for the second time on June 26, 2020. This international event raises visibility, awareness and understanding of the role the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump sector plays in our lives.
FastEst, Inc.
N-Two Cryogenic Enterprise Inc.

Do you use the MCAA WebLEM? Are you thinking of using it?

If so, this webinar is a must-attend event for you. The webinar will be hosted by Ron King of Trimble and a member of the MCA America Weblem committee. Ron will provide updates on what the committee has been working on, he'll take a live look at the new WebLEM+Plus, and explore the Component Method versus Work Activity Method examples of applying labour.

When: July 14 at 12:00 p.m. ET
To register, visit:

Victaulic Company of Canada
Flocor, Inc.
Source: Daily Commercial News
The media's attention has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020, but that doesn't mean the now lesser-talked-about issue of carbon emissions has gone away.
Source: Construction Links Network
Construction is second-most open industry in Canada with 77 per cent of businesses operating.


1700: Russia gives up its Black Sea fleet as part of a truce with the Ottoman Empire.
1848: A bloody insurrection of workers erupts in Paris.
1884: A Chinese Army defeats the French at Bac Le, Indochina.
1885: Former general and president Ulysses S. Grant dies at the age of 63.
1902: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy renew the Triple Alliance for a 12-year duration.
1934: Italy gains the right to colonize Albania after defeating the country.
1951: Soviet U.N. delegate Jacob Malik proposes cease-fire discussions in the Korean War.
1952: The U.S. Air Force bombs power plants on the Yalu River, Korea.
1964: Henry Cabot Lodge resigns as the U.S. envoy to Vietnam and is succeeded by Maxwell Taylor.
1966: Civil Rights marchers in Mississippi are dispersed by tear gas.

Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Masco Canada Ltd.
Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.
Source: Statistics Canada
"Investment in building construction plunged 45.9 percent to $8.4 billion in April compared with the previous month. Previously, the largest national decline on record for the current series (which dates back to 2010) was a 3.9 percent decrease in August 2017."



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