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Industry News
Source: Construction Links Network
New research from IMF staff suggests that long-lasting credit booms that feature rapid construction growth never end well. The data is based on a large sample of advanced and emerging market economies since the 1970s.
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Education & Training
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Eight winners will be selected in the 2020 RIGID Experience Contest. They will receive a multi-day all-expenses paid trip to RIDGID’s headquarters outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In 2020, two of the winning spots are being offered exclusively to those working toward a career in the trades that are currently enrolled in trade school or are apprenticing.
Innovation & Technology
Source: Construction Links Network
A growing number of construction companies are outfitting workers and personal protective equipment with devices that can collect and share important safety, environmental, motion, location and biometric information.
Victaulic Company of Canada
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By the Numbers
Source: Daily Commercial News
The tables in this article show the 10 largest construction project starts in Canada last month. The latest trend graph on starts is also included. See the 12-month moving totals of the civil and non-residential building categories in Canada.
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Source: Construction Links Network
The 302-meter Wasl Tower, to be completed in 2021, features one of the world’s tallest ceramic facades. The exterior is composed of clay-based materials, with an overlaid lacework of fin-shaped tiles, designed for energy efficiency and comfort. The tiles will also provide shade, reducing some air conditioning use in the fierce Dubai heat.

1154: William the Bad succeeds his father, Roger the II, in Sicily.
1790: As a result of the Revolution, France is divided into 83 departments.
1815: Napoleon and 1,200 of his men leave Elba to start the 100-day re-conquest of France.
1848: Karl Marx and Frederick Engels publish The Communist Manifesto in London.
1871: France and Prussia sign a preliminary peace treaty at Versailles.
1901: Boxer Rebellion leaders Chi-Hsin and Hsu-Cheng-Yu are publicly executed in Peking.
1914: Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky carries 17 passengers in a twin engine plane in St. Petersburg.
1917: President Wilson publicly asks congress for the power to arm merchant ships.
1924: U.S. steel industry finds an eight-hour day increases efficiency and employee relations.
1933: Ground is broken for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
1943: U.S. Flying Fortresses and Liberators pound German docks and U-boat lairs at Wilhelmshaven.
1965: Norman Butler is arrested for the murder of Malcolm X.
1972: Soviets recover Luna 20 with a cargo of moon rocks.
1973: A publisher and 10 reporters are subpoenaed to testify on Watergate.
1990: Daniel Ortega, communist president of Nicaragua, suffers a shocking election defeat at the hands of Violeta Chamorro.
1993: A bomb rocks the World Trade Center in New York City. Five people are killed and hundreds suffer from smoke inhalation.


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