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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada can help support key government objectives for Canada’s 43rd Parliament

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC), as the unified voice of the mechanical contracting industry in Canada, congratulated those Members of Parliament elected in Canada’s 43rd federal election, adding that the association is prepared to work with MPs from all parties on issues of importance to the industry and the Canadian economy.

“On behalf of our close to 1,000 members across Canada, we look forward to continuing the conversation with elected MPs about the importance of our sector as it relates to Canada and the Canadian economy,” said Pierre Boucher, MCAC’s Chief Executive Officer. “We would encourage this Parliament to continue supporting and promoting the skilled trades in Canada, and to work closely with our industry and our association on how we can help address concerns such as climate change and innovation.”

Over the past several years, MCAC and its partners have focused their discussions with the federal government on the importance of fair and equitable payment provisions in the construction industry. With prompt payment legislation passing in the House of Commons last year, MCAC is prepared to work with the government to ensure the regulations supporting prompt payment are in place as early as possible to make this payment process, supported by adjudication, a reality.

The association also wants to ensure the mechanical contracting industry is looked to as a valuable resource on key issues.

“Our sector can play a significant role, and we are excited to work with this new Parliament as we promote the importance of a strong and vibrant Canadian economy,” added Boucher, “Our industry contributes to all aspects of Canadian life, and we look forward to engaging with all federal MPs to explore how the mechanical contracting sector can support government objectives.”

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“Cash is king” in the construction industry, and that will remain the case, especially if we consider its constant need to finance large projects, withstand long collections cycles and manage cost overruns. Not only that, but construction also requires substantial investment to enable growth and modernization in an ever-competitive environment.
Industry News
This information and interactive webinar presented by the National Research Council (NRC) and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) will address how the National Code is developed and proposed National Plumbing Code (NPC) changes for 2020.
The first part of the webinar will explain the basic entry points into the national code development process and explain the milestones of code development and the players involved. The second part of the webinar will give an overview of changes proposed for the 2020 NPC.
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
A year after cannabis was legalized, a new Canadian Federation of Independent Business survey has found that employers are still facing challenges when it comes to cannabis in the workplace. The organization is looking to help SMEs understand their responsibilities and relevant rules and regulations, while making them aware of the resources available to them.
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Innovation & Technology
Source: Daily Commercial News
Over the last 20 years, the construction industry has received criticism for its slow adoption of new technologies. Recently, according to many construction industry surveys in Canada and abroad, there has been a significant shift as the industry embarks on a digital journey. A growing number of companies and jurisdictions are working to adopt Building Information Modelling (BIM).
By the Numbers
Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.
Source: Canadian Manufacturing
The September ADP Canada National Employment Report shows a softer gain in employment of 28,200 jobs from August to September, mostly in trade, transportation and utilities, combined with professional/business services.

1746: Princeton University, in New Jersey, receives its charter.
1797: The first successful parachute descent is made by Andre-Jacqes Garnerin, who jumps from a balloon at some 2,200 feet over Paris.
1824: The Tennessee Legislature adjourns ending David "Davy" Crockett's state political career.
1907: Ringling Brothers buys Barnum & Bailey.
1914: U.S. places economic support behind Allies.
1918: The cities of Baltimore and Washington run out of coffins during the "Spanish Inflenza" epidemic.
1938: Chester Carlson invents the photocopier. He tries to sell the machine to IBM, RCA, Kodak and others, but they see no use for a gadget that makes nothing but copies.
1962: U.S. reveals Soviet missile sites in Cuba. President Kennedy orders a naval and air blockade on further shipment of military equipment to Cuba. Following a confrontation that threatens nuclear war, Kennedy and Khrushchev agree on October 28 on a formula to end the crisis. On November 2 Kennedy reports that Soviet missile bases in Cuba are being dismantled.
1964: Jean Paul Satre declines the Nobel Prize for Literature.
1966: The Soviet Union launches Luna 12 for orbit around the moon
1978: Papal inauguration of Pope John Paul II.
1999: Maurice Papon, formerly an official in the Vichy France government during World War II, is jailed for crimes against humanity for his role in deporting more than 1,600 Jews to concentration camps.
2005: Tropical Storm Alpha forms, making 2005 the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record with 22 named storms.

Source: HistoryNet.com

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MCA Canada's Charity of Choice

MCA Canada recently named the ALS Society of Alberta as our Charity of Choice for 2019.

This charity was chosen to honour MCAC Secretary/Treasurer David Flamand‘s sister Patsy Brooks. The ALS Society of Alberta is dedicated to making each day the best possible day for people living with and affected by ALS. It is the only charitable organization in Alberta that provides support to families affected by the disease.

Learn more about this great organization, and how you can help support this important cause.




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