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The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada (MCAC) is holding its first national innovation conference this month focused on converting innovative ideas and opportunities into reality.

Volunteers and leaders from MCA Canada and the Canadian Institute of Pumbing & Heating met with parliamentarians on April 1 and 2 during the groups' annual Day on the Hill. Two of the topics up for discussion were the quick execution of federal prompt payment laws and the timely adoption of national model codes.

Watch for more information in next week's Just the Fax.

Source: Daily Commercial News/Construct Connect
A new report called A Behavioural Economics (BE) Approach to Recruitment in Skilled Construction Trades looks at how young people are recruited into skilled trades jobs through the lens of behavioural economics.
Highlighting the commitment to efficiency, conservation and innovation of the plumbing, hydronics, HVACR, electrical and lighting industry, the products entered in the New Product Competition will impress the visitors to the MCEE trade show taking place April 24 and 25 at Place Bonaventure in Montreal. The two-day event is Canada’s largest expo for the combined industry, featuring more than 400 exhibitors and attracting thousands of industry buyers and decision-makers. More than 80 new products in 13 categories will be on display in the New Product Showcase.
Industry News
Source: Daily Commercial News/Construct Connect
There are several ways trade contractors could use contracts imposed on them as potential push backs or claims for change orders through a certain form of subcontract, according to Dan Leduc, partner at law firm Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, who spoke at a risk management seminar in Ottawa in February.
Source: Daily Commercial News/Construct Connect
In Canada, encouraging young people to consider a skilled trades career can be difficult. Unlike some countries, such as Germany, blue collar work is looked down on by many here.
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Education & Training

Changes are an inevitable part of the construction process. If not managed well, change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays.

The Mechanical Contractors Association Hamilton Niagara, in partnership with the Construction Education Council, is pleased to present Change Orders Management, a course that provides participants with best practices for successfully navigating this complex project management challenge.

Join us on April 25 at Construction House in Hamilton, ON.

For more information, visit our website or email Tania Johnson.

Innovation & Technology
Source: Daily Commercial News/Construct Connect
Tackling climate change, a critical issue in our industry, requires action, according to Sheena Sharp, principal and founder of Coolearth Architecture Inc., a firm that specializes in low-carbon design. This action includes adopting technologies that may not provide an immediate payback.
By the Numbers

Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.

1513: Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sighted Florida. The next day he went ashore.
1860: The first Italian Parliament met in Turin.
1877: The first Egg Roll was held on the grounds of the White House in Washington, DC.
1902: The first motion picture theatre opened in Los Angeles with the name Electric Theatre.
1910: Karl Harris perfected the process for the artificial synthesis of rubber.
1935: Sir Watson-Watt was granted a patent for RADAR.
1963: Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King began the first non-violent campaign in Birmingham, AL.
1982: Argentina invaded the British-owned Falkland Islands. The following June, Britain took the islands back.
1987: The speed limit on U.S. interstate highways was increased to 65 miles per hour in limited areas.
1989: An editorial in the New York Times declared that the Cold War was over.
1990: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein threatened to incinerate half of Israel with chemical weapons if Israel joined a conspiracy against Iraq.
1992: Mob boss John Gotti was convicted in New York of murder and racketeering. He was later sentenced to life in prison.
2014: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that limits on the total amount of money individuals can give political candidates and political action committees were unconstitutional.

Source: HistoryNet.com


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Be a part of this exclusive hydronics event by exhibiting in the trade show. The trade show will allow you to show your products to a super-qualified audience of hydronics industry members looking for new products, new ideas and specialized training. Exhibit space is limited to less than 45 exhibitors.
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