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March 11 is World Plumbing Day, a day to celebrate the impact of plumbing on humanity. Depending on where you sit in the industry and in your community it may mean different things to different people but there is no doubt that plumbing, its design, its equipment and its people are essential quality of life.

Has your organization developed a communications plan to build awareness of and support for your respectful and inclusive workplace plan or set of objectives?

The BuildForce Respectful and Inclusive Workplace Toolkit provides practical online tools to support the construction and maintenance industry in creating respectful and inclusive workplaces.

CEC is an authorized distributor of BuildForce products. If you are interested in taking this important inclusivity training, simply contact us and we can provide you with login information.

The Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada will host its first-ever innovation conference on April 15 and 16 in Toronto.

Given the speed at which technology is advancing, and the extent to which our industry is changing, now is the ideal time to innovate. Our information-packed program will help you understand how to prepare to innovate—and prosper.

Join us for what promises to be an engaging and eye-opening event. Details to follow.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Mr. Champagne said he expects to be busy in early 2019. “We want to make sure that we have projects on the go to make sure that our tradespeople will be at work this summer when construction season comes.”
Disruption? Evolution? Either of these two words could describe the changes in the construction industry landscape in 2018.
Listen to CBC's Up North interview with Jon Gallagher, the director of a recent report on tradespeople. About one-thousand skilled trade workers took part in the survey. More than 60 percent said they believe they have "really accomplished something worthwhile" through their work and that their work gives them a "sense of success and achievement."

Do you have an expectation – either formal or informal – that your field service technicians will promote your products and services? Are you disappointed with the results? If so, then spend 45 minutes with Jim Baston who will explain why these “selling” initiatives often fall short and what you can do about it.

Date: January 29

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET

Register at:

For further information, read this program overview, or contact Tania Johnston (613) 232-5169 or

The Construction Education Council is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new Advanced Project Management course. The program builds on the teachings in the highly successful 10-day program, and provides 28 hours of Gold Seal-accredited, industry-specific, advanced-level project management training.

Graduates will bring back to their companies’ strategies for making their projects even more successful. Senior project skills that will be covered include:

  • The Art of Facilitative Leadership
  • Organizational Planning – Portfolio Management
  • Financial and Basic Accounting Principles for Project Managers
  • Principles of Lean for Construction

Register today!

CEC is pleased to announce that it will once again offer its highly acclaimed Estimating Conference in Calgary, AB from February 27 to March 1. This conference focuses not on how to estimate, but rather project procurement and strategies. Sessions covered will include deal breakers, project risk and go/no-go strategies, putting together a proposal, what a general contractor looks for in its selection process—to name a few.

By popular demand, the Construction Education Council is once again offering its 10-day, Gold Seal and Blue Seal accredited Project Management Program. Over the course of this highly acclaimed program, participants will learn to improve how they plan and control projects, take ownership over a project from bid to final payment, improve their company’s project-management processes, and more!

This session will be held in partnership with the University of Waterloo. The first five-day session will be held from February 28 to March 4, and the second will be held from April 4 to 8.

For more information and to register, visit the CEC website.

Check out the latest sessions on hydronics presented by the Canadian Hydronics Council.

The Art of Hydronics Fundamentals
February 25

Modern Hydronics Controls
February 27

Hydronics Wholesaler Counter Sales Training Webinar, modules 4 & 5
March 1 and March 15


Click below for the latest prompt payment in the construction industry payment tables.

1624: Riots flare in Mexico when it is announced that all churches are to be closed.
1913: The first telephone line between Berlin and New York is inaugurated.
1920: The Dry Law goes into effect in the United States. Selling liquor and beer becomes illegal.
1929: The U.S. Senate ratifies the Kellogg-Briand anti-war pact.
1936: In London, Japan quits all naval disarmament talks after being denied equality.
1949: Chinese Communists occupy Tianjin after a 27-hour battle with Nationalist forces.
1965: Sir Winston Churchill suffers a severe stroke.
1967: Some 462 Yale faculty members call for an end to the bombing in North Vietnam.
1973: U.S. President Richard Nixon announces the suspension of offensive action by U.S. troops in Vietnam.
1976: Sara Jane Moore is sentenced to life in prison for her failed attempt to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford.
1991: The UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw its forces from occupied Kuwait passes, setting the stage for Operation Desert Storm.
1992: Slovenia and Croatia’s independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is recognized by the international community.
2001: Wikipedia goes online.




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