The Four Pillars of Lasting Change — Presented by the Women in Mechanical Construction

Back by popular demand, Beverly Holcomb will dive further into the four pillars to lasting change.

These pillars are the foundation and life blood of our program. When any of these areas is out of balance, they are the primary contributors and drivers of chronic disease and death. Conversely, by positively addressing each of these pillars, profound and lasting changes abound.

Nourish — November 9

Positively addressing insulin resistance and inflammation affects virtually every area of health, including obesity, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmunity and more — all of which can be prevented and/or reversed.

Move — November 18

Today, the World Health Organization ranks physical inactivity as the fourth biggest preventable killer globally. SATAURA’s proven “MOVE” pillar focuses on how to counteract and correct the accumulative effects of chronic sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. 

Recover — December 2

Proper sleep is the elixir of life. High-quality sleep balances hormones, fortifies the immune system, boosts metabolism, improves brain function and increases physical energy. Without the proper amount of sleep, optimal health and well-being cannot be achieved.

Integrate — December 9

Addressing underlying negative habits and behaviours that compromise vibrant health is the key to the success of our entire program! Virtually anything can become a habit or addiction. Our approach helps to deliberately and consciously rewire new health-promoting habits and behaviours.

Tying it All Together — December 16

Registration for each session is just $25, and more information is available on the MCA Canada website.