More MCAC Insurance Captive info session dates announced

In addition to the following dates, Aon will holding a special Group Insurance Captive information session during MCA Canada's 76th Annual National Conference. Check out our information brochure for details.

MCA Manitoba - October 3, 3:30pm
320-830 King Edward Street, Winnipeg, MB
RSVP: Tel: 403-267-7092

MCA Alberta (Calgary) - October 5, 8:30am
MCA Alberta Office: 204-2725 - 12th St. NE., Calgary, AB
RSVP: Tel: 403-267-7092

MCA Toronto - October 12, 8:30am
MCA Toronto Office: 595 Cityview Blvd, Unit 7, Vaughan, ON
RSVP: Tel: 416-491-9004

MCA Saskatchewan - October 16, 4:00pm
Unit 2, 2412 Faithfull Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
RSVP: Tel: 403-267-7092

Aon offices - October 17, 4:00pm
2103 - 11th Avenue, Suite 800, Regina SK
RSVP: Tel: 403-267-7092

Watch for further updates in Just the Fax.