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December 9, 2013


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What’s the deal in Canada with lead-free?

Aren’t we already lead-free with the NSF 61-9 standard?
• No, that has been replaced by a new standard which is known as either ANSI/NSF 61 Annex G or NSF 372
• And that has now been incorporated into the CSA B125.1 and B125.3 standards, which impact many of the products you use for potable water plumbing systems

Do the new lead-free products cost more?
• Yes, the new lead-free products cost 20-40% more (depending on the product type)

When do I have to switch over to lead-free?
• Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia have advised that their provincial codes will adopt the new CSA B125 lead-free standard for plumbing products as of Jan 1, 2014. 
• All of the other provinces have indicated that they are doing it in June 2014

Can I still buy regular brass products in 2014?
• Yes, if your provincial code will still allow you to install them (and that’s true outside of Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia)

I heard that I can only get lead-free now
• Not true. There is still regular brass product available from both manufacturers and wholesalers.

I thought that manufacturers can’t sell anything but lead-free in 2014?
• Not true. They can’t manufacture anything but lead-free in 2014.
• You can still buy regular brass product that is in stock from 2013 production

Since manufacturers must stop production of regular brass products after Dec 31, 2013, be sure to contact your preferred wholesale distributor now if you want to buy what is still available before it gets sold out or scrapped.

(Source: Thomas D. Husebye, Dahl Brothers (Canada) Limited)


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