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On this day in history

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0118: Hadrian, Rome's new emperor, makes his entry into the city.
0455: Avitus, the Roman military commander in Gaul, becomes Emperor of the West.
1789: In Versailles, the French National Assembly declares itself the Constituent Assembly and begins to prepare a French constitution.
1790: The Swedish navy captures one third of the Russian fleet at the Battle of Svensksund in the Baltic Sea.
1900: The Commonwealth of Australia is established by an act of British Parliament, uniting the separate colonies under a federal government.
1942: Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in the attic above her father's office in an Amsterdam warehouse.
1943: American and British forces make an amphibious landing on Sicily.
1971: The United States turns over complete responsibility of the Demilitarized Zone to South Vietnamese units.



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