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President's Message
Where has the time gone? It seems as if I blinked and we are already more than halfway through the year! School is now out of session, which typically results in a reduction in patient visits. As the patient encounters subside, Clinical Staff have an opportunity to catch their breath and call in those lingering work orders and environmental safety needs. Slower clinical times also allow Facility Staff access to those patient care areas that have recently been occupied. Summer is a wonderful and busy time.
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Logan's Healthcare Linen
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Events and Education
September 18-20, 2018, Owensboro Convention Center
The Healthcare Coalition Conference consistently delivers top-notch educational content, hours of continuing education credits, as well as ongoing opportunities to discuss emerging issues and best practices with colleagues, vendors, and consultants. Healthcare Coalition Conference is designed to meet the educational needs of health care engineers, professionals involved in managing safety & security in healthcare facilities, as well as professionals in healthcare supply chain and materials management.

The program is approved by ASHE for 12.25 contact hours and 1.25 CEUs, and registration opens in June.

September 17, 2018, Owensboro, Kentucky

KSHE membership has long supported the concept of certifying contractors who wish to work in their Kentucky hospitals. The emphasis is on “Certification” because at the end of this 1-day program, there is a certification exam. Those who pass the exam will be designated “Certified Healthcare Contractor.” This certification will be valid for 3 years.

 Learn more about our certification programs or email info@kshe.org for further clarification.

Kentucky’s Accredited Environmental Microbiological Laboratory
Environmental Safety Technologies, Inc.
Environmental Safety Technologies is a full service Industrial Hygiene firm, an AIHA Accredited Environmental Microbiological Laboratory and CDC ELITE Legionella laboratory. We provide consultation to healthcare facilities regarding healthcare construction, infection prevention and Legionella risk assessments.
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ASHE Update
The ASHE Annual Conference creates the ideal environment to connect with fellow colleagues while preparing yourself for future trends and challenges in health care. Attendees can earn up to 20.5 contact hours and gain valuable tools and resources to better navigate through an ever changing health care landscape. Join us in Seattle as we prepare for the future of health care, and take the time to review and develop your career game plan.
DLOM Group
Sustainability Spotlight
Congratulations to Kentucky’s 2018 ASHE Energy to Care Award Winners, Methodist Hospital in Henderson and Owensboro Health Regional Hospital in Owensboro. Only 68 facilities across the country received this recognition for 2018. The Energy to Care award honors facilities that reduce energy consumption by 10% in a single year, or by 15% over two years.
KSHE has launched the KSHE Energy Derby as part of the ASHE Energy to Care challenge. If you are curious of how to set up a profile on Energy Star Portfolio Manager and get involved with the Energy to Care program, it’s all spelled out step by step on our website. We’ve included tutorials and videos to make signing up as smooth as possible. Share your data with KSHE to be a part of the new statewide competition and to receive Kentucky-specific tips for saving money and reducing your energy and water consumption. Email info@kshe.org for assistance.
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