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Building the EMS Enterprise – EMS Control

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Because EMS capability discussions traditionally conclude as a limited isolated or tactical discussion of materiel, we miss the fact that there are actually two systemic responsibilities. The Department must set the conditions for strategic advantage across the portfolio of EMS capabilities, and this can be thought of as a relative capability state – EMS Superiority. This Department goal is attained via comprehensive EMS resourcing, authorities, direction and enforcement, together referred to as Governance. Once these strategic conditions are set by the Department, the Warfighter can then demonstrate situational mastery of participation within the EMS, and this can be thought of as EMS Control.

This mastery of participation within the EMS mirrors the dynamics and intent of Space Control and Sea Control and like them, EMS Control is physical, measurable, distinct, and decisive in all future campaigns. EMS Superiority and EMS Control must each be deliberately, coherently, and effectively pursued for our portfolio to produce required outcomes. And in a world where capacity overmatch waits all around us, our forces require a new and disruptive approach. And while our individual capabilities must each remain exceptional, it is only our shared pursuit of EMS Superiority – in a world of capacity overmatch – that will prove decisive. – Jesse "Judge" Bourque, AOC Symposium Chair


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