Industry Call Highlights Software Solutions to Optimize Terminal Operations, Enterprise Management, and Customer Orders / Logistics

On the Monthly Industry Call of June 17, ILTA member companies took part in an opportunity to learn about secure and comprehensive software solutions for terminal automation, enterprise management, and data aggregation from Dearman Systems, an ILTA supplier member company. Dearman’s CEO Sam Reid provided an overview of the company’s suite of software offerings and capabilities to manage terminals of all shapes and sizes—for operators managing a single terminal to 50+.

The presentation included a close look at LYNX, Dearman’s new order management and logistics application for the bulk liquids storage industry. LYNX is revolutionizing the market by linking terminal operators, position holders, and customers in a real-time, self-service portal for optimized order management.  

LYNX is available for a variety of transportation methods including truck, rail and barge. Inside the LYNX application, there are unique features to  handle the ins and outs of each transportation method.

Highlights of the LYNX system include:

Self-service order submission: Dearman’s customers’ customers can submit orders through LYNX;

Real-time status listings: Customers, position holders, and terminal operators can watch product movements and order statuses in a real-time dashboard;

Reduced communication: With customers scheduling their own loads in the system, operators can significantly reduce tedious emails and calls to free up their workforce;

Enhanced security: LYNX removes traditional manual methods of submitting orders (such as email), ultimately removing a possible point of phishing;

Cost savings and efficient operations: Operators can significantly reduce scheduling workforce and give field operators real-time insights to address order issues more quickly; and

Central source of record for orders: Source of truth for all parties involved in the supply chain; ultimate transparency and ease of managing daily workflows for all parties  involved.