ILTA Hosts Cybersecurity Webinar on TWIC Reader Rule Update

Even terminal operators with facilities that are substantially non-automated should be mindful of new Coast Guard cybersecurity requirements. Trends related to safety, security, operational efficiencies, and environmental compliance are all leading to greater market penetration of sensors and digital systems at terminal sites. Cybersecurity concerns exist now for all terminal operators and will only grow in importance.

These and other key messages were part of a successful ILTA webinar held on March 10, with participation from nearly 60 terminal industry professionals. Chaired by Security Subcommittee Chairman Jerry Jerdine (Security Manager, Ergon), the webinar included remarks by Lt. Commander Leslie Downing, Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Branch Chief within the U.S. Coast Guard’s office of Port and Facility Compliance. Commander Downing described the recently released NVAC01-20 guidance for MTSA facility operators. Participants also heard from Cris DeWitt, co-founder of Cyber Mariner, an expert with more than 30 years' experience in the technology and cyber-security fields. A recording of the webinar is available for member access here.